Disillusioned Palm Pre sufferers complain as they watch their devices fall apart at the seams

Apple Online Store “Web forums and tech blogs are abuzz with comments from some Palm Pre customers who shelled out $199 in early June for the new smart phones only to watch them come apart at the seams,” Ki Mae Heussner reports for ABC News.

MacDailyNews Take: Make that US$299. Then the sufferers get to wait 10-14 weeks for Sprint to send them their $100 rebate checks. By that time, their fake iPhones’ antique, perpetually-stuck-in-portrait-mode mechanical keyboards have probably already fallen off.

Heussner continues, “Some customers grumbled that the screens on their phones have cracked. Others have noticed a gap where the two sides of the device should connect and problems with the phone’s sliding hinge. The most loyal Palm Inc. fans, so determined to stick with the Pre, have returned units twice, hoping that the third time is the charm.”

MacDailyNews Take: “Loyal fans” is very generous. “Delusional suckers” is more like it. They sound just like the Windows sufferers; Stockholm Syndrome and Cognitive Dissonance are twin bitches.

Heussner continues, “‘My feeling at this point is that it’s pretty clear that there is something – either a bad run or something wrong with the design,’ said Dieter Bohn, editor of PreCentral.net, the largest online community of Pre owners with 170,000 members.”

One “Pre customer, so frustrated with the device, abandoned the brand altogether, writing, ‘Man I hear ya..I hated to, but I had to take mine back and go back to the iPhone. I tried to tell myself I just needed to get used to it, but in the end couldn’t,'” Heussner reports. “Representatives from Palm did not immediately respond to requests from ABCNews.com requesting comment.”

Heussner reports, “Independent analyst Rob Enderle said Palm generally has a good reputation when it comes to hardware, and new products often come with new problems.”

MacDailyNews Take: B.S. Palm, over many years, has become renowned for poor build quality. Wonder who signed Rob’s check this week?

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