Why Apple’s WWDC 2010 won’t be like WWDC 2009

“Technology changes from Apple… will change the way you get your news from WWDC in 2010,” TheDigitalLifestyle.tv writes.

“First, it’s always been a pet peeve for us that once upon a time, when Apple was smaller, and more people had dialup, they would stream the Macworld/WWDC keynotes for all Apple fans to enjoy. Then, as bandwidth costs dropped, and the company became more prosperous, the live streaming disappeared,” TheDigitalLifestyle.tv writes.

“But next year will be different. The auditorium will be filled with iPhone 3GS owners, phones quite capable of video streaming. While it’s very likely a live streaming app will be available by then (perhaps even next month) even if that didn’t happen, people now have a device capable of quickly uploading clips to youtube,” TheDigitalLifestyle.tv writes. “People will be able to shoot the Keynote in short segments, and upload them seconds later.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The bandwidth costs to stream the WWDC keynote to what would be a huge audience should not be underestimated. Anyone who does so has never paid for bandwidth (see: Apple Delivers Record-Breaking Webcast of Macworld Keynote – January 9, 2002). That said, and as we’ve long advocated, a nice present to Apple TV owners would be live keynote streaming; just as Apple streams trailers on-demand to Apple TVs, they could and should stream keynotes and special events to Apple TVs. Perhaps, as a side benefit, they’d even sell a few more Apple TV units.

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