Apple’s rejiggered MacBook lineup paving the way for ‘MacBook touch?’

“Having renamed the 13.3 inch unibody MacBook as the MacBook Pro, is Apple laying the foundation to reframe its MacBook brand for an all-new device like a netbook or e-book pad?” David Flynn asks for APC Magazine.

“There’s been a steady steam of indications that devices such as this are in the works, ranging from contracts with Taiwan-based component suppliers and systems builders to tips from several industry commentators with a decent track record,” Flynn writes.

“Now there’s one more clue of what’s to come. As of today, the MacBook exists solely as the three year old white polycarbonate model (albeit with a series of internal updates across that time) with an entry-level [US$999] price tag and a noticeably dated design,” Flynn writes.

MacDailyNews Take: Dated for Apple, but still better than any other $999 on the market today.

Flynn continues, “Just $300 more gets you a notebook that’s totally modern and much better looking, slimmer and lighter, boasts a brighter screen, a handy SD card slot and underlit keyboard plus better battery life (Apple is claiming seven hours on the new model).”

“So you can expect Apple to let the white MacBook die a natural death in the coming months, perhaps even being retired before Christmas,” Flynn writes. “This provides the necessary break with the old before the MacBook brand can be re-introduced as something else, and something very different than what it was before.”

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