Apple’s Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server’s ZFS goes MIA

“Amid all of the new features highlighted Monday in Snow Leopard, iPhone 3.0 and Safari 4.0 were a few unpublicized retractions, [including the fact that] all mention of full ZFS support in Snow Leopard Server has been scrubbed,” AppleInsider reports.

“ZFS was formerly listed prominently among the scant new details offered on Apple’s next version of Mac OS X Server, but now the company’s entire site seems to be purged of any mention. Sources have noted that the feature was pulled from the user interface of Disk Utility in recent developer builds,” AppleInsider reports.

“While Apple probably isn’t abandoning the technology, it has certainly slipped from the list of critical to deliver features for Snow Leopard. The only mention of ZFS in the search results of Apple’s website is its inclusion as an open source project in Darwin. Well, there’s always Mac OS X 10.7,” AppleInsider reports.

“Of course, while ZFS is positively dripping with easy to understand feature buzzwords, there’s no desperate, impending need to replace HFS+ nor any likelihood that ZFS would really offer consumers, who make up the vast majority Apple’s target market, any tangible benefits,” AppleInsider reports. “For starters, the features of ZFS only really get started when you’re using multiple disks, and most of Apple’s users are now buying notebook systems, none of which ship with multiple drives.”

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