Canada’s Fido leaks iPhone with front-facing camera and iChat video calling?

“Word has leaked out (or image, rather) that Fido [Canadian carrier, wholly owned subsidiary of Rogers Wireless] will be offering a 4GB iPhone 3G in the near future that will retail for $99,” Ubergizmo reports.

This iPhone is to be “accompanied by quad-band EDGE and tri-band HSDPA connectivity, a 2-megapixel camera as well as iChat video calling – which means that there will be a front facing camera to boot,” Ubergizmo reports.

Full article here.

Michael Bettiol reports for The Boy Genius Report, “The most notable slide has to do with a 4GB iPhone 3G. While there is a huge disclaimer that the image isn’t the device itself, the slide depicts a 4GB iPhone model that will run for $99 and come with quad-band EDGE, tri-band HSDPA, a 2 megapixel shooter and, believe it or not, iChat video calling (oh hi, front-facing camera).”

Full article here.

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