Analysts: Apple unlikely to sue Palm over Pre+iTunes; Will let company and device bomb on their own

“Apple probably won’t sue Palm over stealing its features for the Pre, says Therese Poletti, backing off an earlier theory,” Henry Blodget reports for Silicon Alley Insider.

“This will leave the Pre and Palm to bomb on their own,” Blodget writes. “Palm investor Roger McNamee should dump the stock now, while he still can.”

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Poletti reports for Marketwatch, “When Palm Inc. executives demonstrated last week some new features of the widely anticipated Pre, many wags — myself included — speculated Apple Inc. might sue its smart-phone rival over the ability of the soon-to-be launched device to synch seamlessly with iTunes.”

“But after further thought and a chat with experts smarter than myself, such a move by Apple actually seems unlikely. Tim Bajarin, president of tech consultant Creative Strategies in Campbell, Calif., predicted that Apple will leave Palm alone on the iTunes issue,” Poletti reports.

Poletti reports, “Investors who have seen Palm’s shares jump more than four times since the Pre was first announced in January, now can focus on how the device sells at Saturday’s launch, and its reviews. The date, June 6, is also coincidentally (or maybe not) the 65th anniversary of D-Day.”

“Investors have also been privy to some early reviews, most notably from the gadget-obsessed Web site, The Boy Genius Report. See Boy Genius’ first review here. A recurring thread in early reviews gives kudos to Palm for its Web OS software, but the keyboard is not as lauded,” Poletti reports. “‘It’s really not good,’ wrote the Boy Genius. Another common complaint is the lower quality feel of the materials that went into the phone itself. ‘To be honest, the device feels a little cheap,’ said the Boy Genius.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Blodget seems to have read something that isn’t there: Poletti’s article deals with iTunes and the Pump, er… “Pre,” not Multi-touch™ or any other Apple patents that may have to be protected. Apple may not sue Palm over the Pre’s mimicking of an iPod to latch into iTunes without permission, but they certainly could over other things, just as they reserve the right to change their iTunes software as they see fit without worrying if third-party, non-partners’ device hacks work or not.

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