Apple granted Multi-Touch™ and iPhone design patents

“Apple has won four new patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office, covering a range of technologies. Among these are ones for riser card housing in the Mac Pro, and a Mac OS-related concept called Computer system with graphical user interface including drawer-like windows. Important however is one for a touchpad surface, covering the multi-touch trackpad in the MacBook Air, and in a minor fashion the iPhone touchscreen,” MacNN reports.

“The patent describes a multi-layered system, comprising two sets of drive traces, one arrangement of sense traces and a spring membrane,” MacNN reports. “All of these are arranged in between a base and an outer ‘cosmetic layer,’ such as glass. Recognition of the invention — credited to Steven Hotelling and Brian Huppi — could help Apple defend against an influx of copycat devices, although its method is not the only means of creating a multi-touch surface.”

MacNN reports, “Separate yet related is a patent for the iPhone’s casing design.”

Full article, with links and patent app illustrations, here.

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