Apple’s iPhone 3.0 beta 5 contains next-gen iPhone, iPod touch images and references

“Images in beta 5 of the iPhone 3.0 SDK make clear reference to next-generation hardware, anecdotes claim. In searching for a separate file through Spotlight, one Australian developer is said to have found a collection of the PNG graphics displayed when people sync a device with iTunes,” MacNN reports.

“Although two of these reference the original and 3G iPhones — ‘iPhone1,1’ and ‘iPhone1,2’ — and a third refers to the second-gen iPod touch, the remaining ones are listed as black and white variants of an unknown device, ‘iPhone2,1,” MacNN reports.

“The PNG files are low-resolution and difficult discern, but show little if any visible distinction from the iPhone 3G. The discovery could reinforce rumors that the next iPhone will make mostly internal changes, but might also suggest that Apple is merely using placeholder art. A formal announcement of future iPhone hardware is expected at WWDC 2009, scheduled to begin June 8th,” MacNN reports.

Full article, with images, here.

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