5 reasons why Apple should take a bigger plunge into gaming

“Reports are swirling that Apple is considering a move into the gaming market via an acquisition of Electronic Arts (EA). And while those are currently just rumors, what is confirmed is that Apple has recently poached Microsoft’s former head of Xbox strategy, Richard Teversham,” Brian Kraemer writes for Channel Web.

Kraemer writes, “Additionally, the company appears to be making a move toward designing its own chips for Apple machines, which could alter the gaming landscape. However, the gaming strategy that the company could roll out wouldn’t have to be limited to just notebooks, desktops and mobile devices — Apple could have amazing success with its own platform.”

5 Reasons Apple Should Get Into Gaming (Even If It Doesn’t Buy EA):
1. Apple Is Due
2. iTunes Store
3. The iPhone And iPod Touch
4. Synching Between Console And iPhone
5. Better Talent

Full article here.

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