Microsoft’s next ‘Big Ass Table’ version 2-3 years away

“A second generation of Microsoft’s Surface computing device is two to three years away, the South by SouthWest Festival has heard,” Darren Waters reports for BBC News.

“Developer Joe Olsen, whose company Phenomblue writes applications for the Surface, said he had been told the device was still in the development stage,” Waters reports. “‘They haven’t even got to point where they are going to commercialise,’ he said.”

“Surface is a multi-touch computer in the shape of a table, with a flat screen that can “read” multi-touch gestures, as well as content from printed material placed onto the device, thanks to five cameras inside the machine,” Waters reports. “It is being developed with enterprise, tourism and public-facing solutions in mind and launches in the UK next week.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft’s Surface is nothing more than a Rube Goldberg concoction that attempts to divert the attention of the gullible by shouting “Hey, look over here, ignore that Apple multi-touch stuff! No, really, check out our 300 lb. Big Ass Table!”

Meanwhile, Apple’s been selling affordable multi-touch technology that fits in your pocket (not sits in the corner of Pizza Hut) by the tens of millions since early summer 2007.

Every time there’s iPhone news (iPhone 3.0 event happens tomorrow), Microsoft trots out some “news” to their willing accomplices in the media (BBC News, CNET, and others who are firmly attached to the Redmond teat) about their Big Ass Table (good or bad, it doesn’t matter) to try to suck some oxygen away from whatever Apple’s doing with real products. It’s the same sad, empty tactic as talking about “the next version of Windows” every time Apple releases a new Mac OS version while Microsoft’s sufferers remain stuck clinging to an aged, 7+ year old, upside-down and backwards fake Mac OS because their latest bad fake of a past Apple Mac OS is a laughable mess. About the only thing Microsoft does well is produce an endless litany of empty promises designed to keep their sheep in the pen.

Look at iPhone vs. Surface today: a better illustration of how far Apple’s ahead of Microsoft would be hard to find. And, after tomorrow, it’ll be even worse for Microsoft.

Direct link via YouTube here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “vincas” for the heads up.]

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