Microsoft’s airs new ‘I’m a PC’ ads featuring cute kids

Microsoft’s airing some new “I’m a PC” ads featuring cute kids:

Tom Reestman asks for TheAppleBlog, “What can these kids do? Explain why mommy or daddy got a PC? Can they even tell us what a ‘PC’ is? If you think Kylie and Alexa wouldn’t have been equally ‘impressed’ if Mom or Dad were using Macs, or Linux, or something by Fisher-Price, you’re kidding yourself.”

“As near as I can tell, Microsoft has opted to use a group that can’t truly speak for itself,” Reestman writes.

But maybe that was the only choice left:

• They tried getting teens and 20-somethings with “The Social,” and failed.
• They tried getting young adults with “Wow!”, and failed.
• They tried getting older adults with Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates, and failed.
• They tried getting non-technical adults with “Mojave Experiment,” and failed.
• They tried getting any adults with the initial volley of “I’m a PC,” and failed since a) they’ve moved on, and b) each one affirms what Apple has said all along: A Mac is not a PC, it’s better.

MacDailyNews Take: Not only is Mac better, but any Intel-powered Mac can also slum it with Windows natively and/or via fast virtualization and claim “I’m a PC, too.” So, why buy an OS-limited Dell, HP, or whatever when Apple’s OS-unlimited Macs can do it all? Microsoft’s ads are actually promoting a subset of Mac’s abilities:

Reestman continues, “So now Microsoft has cute kids — using whatever their parents put in front of them — proclaiming they’re a PC. Fine. Maybe it’ll pull in some sales for them. If so, good for them. Personally, I think Microsoft has had to set the bar too low in terms of who their software is supposed to impress. Then again, Microsoft Live Photo Gallery isn’t likely to impress the average iPhoto user, presuming they’re old enough to make a choice.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take:

Direct link to video via VideoSift here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “TimeToSignOff” for the heads up.]

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