ZDNet: Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 disappointing and unacceptable

“Microsoft announced Windows Mobile 6.5 today at Mobile World Congress in Spain and as a fan of the Windows Mobile OS, I have to say I am pretty disappointed with the update and even more that we may have to wait 9+ months to actually see it on any device,” Matthew Miller writes for ZDNet.

MacDailyNews Take: If you’re a fan of Windows Mobile, you’ve got a serious problem. Even Microsoft sycophant’s like Mary Jo Foley have long understood that “Windows Mobile is awful” and people should “avoid it like the plague.”

Miller continues, “I am sure we will see some cool devices come out in late 2009, but honestly there is nothing I see here that compels me to start saving up to run out and buy a Windows Mobile device.”

“Microsoft really needed to step up to the plate and hit at least a triple to keep me excited,” Miller reports.

“6.5 should have been what 6.1 was last year and to now still have several more months before it actually ships on a device is just unacceptable,” Miller reports.

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