The Mac Malware Myth perpetuated by – surprise – anti-virus software peddlers

<"According to proponents of the Mac Malware Myth, Mac users should be afraid of a series of reports about a 'rising tide' of malicious software and in panicked response, install anti-virus software from the vendors who propagate those dire warnings," Daniel Eran Dilger writes for RoughlyDrafted. "They’re wrong, here’s why."

“Of course, the security experts at Kaspersky, Symantec, Intego, and others don’t want you to know that,” Dilger writes. “They want you to read scary articles like those that regularly appear on CNET, Wired, and The Register, which are based on press releases issued by those vendors, all suggesting that Macs are really damn close to being dangerous to use, and that their products are really critical for your continued safety.”

Dilger writes, “Because when you’re in the business of fear, an educated population is the worst thing you can imagine, and a lazy media content with republishing your press releases is your only hope in preventing that from happening.”

There’s much more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re turning off our Mac OS X firewalls in tribute – oh, wait, they’ve been off for the last year and a half since our last “Mac Malware Myth” tribute. Still no infections. We’ll just leave them off.

MacDailyNews Note: If you steal software and/or frequent dodgy sites and/or click spam emails, and you subsequently download something that’ll run on your Mac and authorize its installation, then the fault for being infected by a trojan is yours and yours alone. No OS can prevent such things or, of course, you wouldn’t be able to install new applications at all.

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