Windows Mobile: Time for Microsoft to knife the baby?

“For all the talk there’s been about Microsoft’s big Vista problem, much less has been made of its smaller operating system, Windows Mobile, which has some major problems of its own. Truth be told, I’m a longtime Windows Mobile user and I have to say it’s been a frustrating ride,” David Carnoy writes for CNET.

MacDailyNews Take: Poor bastage.

Carnoy continues, “There are things I really like about the OS–and things I find really irritating. However, the frustration stems from the fact that every time I think it’s really going to turn a corner, Windows Mobile continues to disappoint. And I’m seriously considering giving up on it.”

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft’s brand of Stockholm Syndrome is obviously mega potent to those susceptible. Why some people cling to Microsoft’s unending stream of garbage is unfathomable.

Carnoy continues, “Take my current situation. I own a Sprint Mogul. Like with all cell phones–and smartphones for that matter–I was smitten with it when I first got it.”

MacDailyNews Take: A guy lost in the desert would be smitten with a thimbleful of septic water. That’s doesn’t make it good.

Carnoy continues, “The phone freezes a fair amount, and when I touch icons or open fields on the touch screen, it often takes a few taps to get the reaction I want. (Some people refer to this as the Windows Mobile ‘delay’ syndrome).”

“I’ve been tempted to migrate to the Mogul’s successor, the HTC Touch Pro, but I’d be looking at spending about $300 on that new model with a couple of rebates thrown in, one of which is of the mail-in variety (I hate those). Of course, to get those discounts I’d have to sign a new two-year contract, which wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if I didn’t know that by the time my contract was up–in June–Sprint would be offering the Palm Pre, AT&T would probably have a new rev of the iPhone, and at least one (if not more) new Google Android phone should be available. I also like the looks of Nokia’s N97,” Carnoy writes. “Why should I use up my potential discounts when the offerings will be look better a few months from now?”

MacDailyNews Take: Somebody give this guy an iPhone to try for a few minutes, so he can stop lumping Apple’s star in with a bunch of black holes.

Carnoy continues, “I’m trying to hang on, but it’s tough… Software/firmware upgrades are few and far between and I lost any desire to add new software packages to the phone because it was hard to find them and they cost too much. I envy all the free and cheap applications you can download to the iPhone from Apple’s much-lauded App Store. It also hurts when your 70-year-old father taunts you with his new iPhone, saying how great it is. (No parent should achieve tech superiority–not in my family anyway.)”

MacDailyNews Take: “Father Knows Best” isn’t just a classic TV series, Davy.

Carnoy continues, “Microsoft is vowing to fix a lot of the things that irk me. The multimedia features will certainly be improved and a rumored app store, SkyMarket, is in the works along with Xbox 360 and Zune integration.”

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft’s brand of Stockholm Syndrome has locked up poor David’s brain and thrown away the key. It’s the vortex that just keeps on sucking. He even seems to believe Microsoft’s unending promises of future grandeur even though none of them ever come to fruition. With Microsoft, the big release that will supposedly match Apple’s latest innovation is always around the next corner. That’s one of the methods they use to try to keep the sheep in the pen.

Carnoy continues, “I have a feeling that Windows Mobile 6.5 will be just another tiny incremental improvement that just won’t cut it. Can I hold out for Windows Mobile 7? If it turns up in June, maybe. If not, it’s probably sayonara–or, as they say in Redmond, goodbye.”

MacDailyNews Take: David, there’s a glimmer of hope for you yet. Don’t fall for Microsoft’s empty promises yet again. Forget about all of those fake iPhones that just don’t work like the real thing. We all know you want an iPhone, even you might suspect it deep down inside, so go get yourself an iPhone! Life’s way too short to dick around with pretend iPhones and Microsoft’s unending stream of derivative failures and vaporous promises.

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