MMS capability coming to Apple’s iPhone?

“AT&T is playing around with some ‘wireless network caching’ methods that may trickle down into how iPhone users experience sending multimedia messages. The surprising thing, it’s not new technology,” Aviv Hadar reports for MacBlogz.

“It would involve sending each other links, instead of images. Person A sends a link of an image that has been compressed and ‘cached’ (for lack of a better word), to Person B, who can then view the image in a browser,” Hadar reporst.

“Given the current functionality in Apple’s Mobile Safari browser, this definitely seems plausible. Currently, it is possible to save images in Mobile Safari by simply holding a particular image down for about two seconds and selecting ‘Save Image,'” Hadar reports. “So we know the functionality is there.”

“Essentially, after you take a photo with your iPhone, you will be able to send it through to another user as simply as sending an SMS message. They will receive a link, instead of a picture, and they can then view and save that image,” Hadar reports. “If the user experience ends up being as fluid as we’d like to imagine, [the wait] may be worth it.”

More details in the full article here.

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