Apple’s future is in touch

Sam Diaz blogs for ZDNet, “A guest post on ZDNet yesterday posed the question: Has Apple gotten lazy?”

“Instead of calling Apple lazy, I would counter that the company is in a transitional mode. No, that’s not suggesting transitional in the sense that an ailing Jobs will be passing the reins anytime soon. Instead, it’s transitional in the sense that the focus seems to be shifting away from the hardware side and honing back in on the software, err, applications business. Aside from a handful of product categories, the fun techie stuff is less touchy-feely than it used to be. The cool things no longer come in the form of breakthrough gadgets. They come in the form of apps for the iPhone, links between iPhoto and Facebook, virtual piano lessons from within Garage Band,” Diaz writes.

“In terms of a breakthrough gadget, the next big thing is already out there – and has been for more than a year. The iPod Touch (horrible name for it) is the real breakthrough device here, not the iPhone. When it was announced back in September 2007, the Touch got buried by news of a $200 price drop to the iPhone and announcements of an new iPod Nano look, an iPod classic upgrade and a WiFi iTunes music store for the iPhone (and Touch)… After all, its the non-phone parts of the iPhone – the Touch – that’s seen noteworthy success,” Diaz writes.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. My wife loves her touch. She uses it all the time. I wish she would touch me more though. Oh well, that’s what happens when you get married. The majority of wives stop putting out. But the iPod Touch is an incredible device.

  2. “iPod Touch is a pretty good name! Tne next name will be iMac Touch!”

    I don’t think it will. The reason is that a touch-screen computer is almost useless, unless it’s in a retail space or a trade show. After seeing the HP touchsmart, I relized that it would be EXTREMELY tiring to use the touch-screen, and after the novelty wore off, it would be mouse & keyboard. In fact, sitting at my desk, I can’t easily touch the screen.

    I can see a keyboard-sized touchpad though. Like the iPhone, the interface changes. Need to type? It shows a keyboard. Need to use FCP? It looks like a video controler with jog/shuttle, etc. Need to work on music? It looks like a mixing board, etc., etc.

  3. I have found very few people that actually call it the “iPod touch”, most call it the “iTouch”. I usually have to resist the urge to correct them, because I’m kinda pedantic like that.

  4. @ Macfabulous

    You CAN! It’s really simple, just read the text you entered on the screen and change any grammatical and/or spelling errors BEFORE you click on the “Submit” button. I works every time!

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