Microsoft Zune sufferers report ‘widespread’ simultaneous device failures

“Right, so this is a weird one: we’re getting tons of reports—tons—about failing Zune 30s. Apparently, the players began freezing at about midnight last night, becoming totally unresponsive and practically useless,” John Herrman reports for Gizmodo.

MacDailyNews Take: Happy New Year, Microsoft-style!

Herrman continues, “The crisis has been dubbed by Zune users ‘Y2K9’, due to the apparently synchronized faceplantings across the country. According to tipster Michael, the Zune users experienced something like this: Apparently, around 2:00 AM today, the Zune models either reset, or were already off. Upon when turning on, the thing loads up and… freezes with a full loading bar (as pictured above). I thought my brother was the only one with it, but then it happened to my Zune. Then I checked out the forums and it seems everyone with a 30GB HDD model has had this happen to them.”

MacDailyNews Take: Wow, all three Zune sufferers affected at once! Quelle tragédie! Good thing the poor bastards have already long been helmeted for their own safety.

Full article here.

Tim Stevens reports much the same for Engadget, “[The] 30GB players started locking up at midnight last night, essentially bricking themselves without any help from their owners. The failures are coming 24-hours ahead of the big ’09 changeover, but that hasn’t stopped Zune aficionados from dubbed this unfortunate flaw ‘Z2K.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: In typical Microsoftian fashion, they can’t even come up with a consistent name for their latest abject failure.

Zunetards, hey, look over here! (snaps fingers) Hey! (whistles) Over here! (claps hands loudly) Look here!!! Consider this a gift of enlightenment. Now, go get yourselves a real media player: Apple’s iPod touch.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Chuckles the Microsoft CEO” for the heads up.]


  1. Windows desktops get the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).
    Xbox 360s get the Red Ring of Death (RROD).
    Windows Mobile gets the Dark Screen of Death (DSOD).

    Zune didn’t want to be left out, so Microsoft came up with the Zune Freeze of Death. (ZFOD).

  2. I’m shocked at the pages and pages of people confirming the dead Zunes.

    What’s more shocking is that these people are deliberately looking in their drawers to find an old Zune and are turning them on to see it get bricked!

    A logical person would wait and see if there is a solution before trying to brick their device.

    Is this just a symptom of a Zune buyer? Someone who hears a report that all cars are crashing due to ice on the road, they immediately get in their cars and drive around to see?

  3. I just read a comment from a user at that explains the mentality of a typical MS user.

    “Well, I’m glad to see I’m not alone.”

    I guess to them misery is ok as long as it’s shared.

  4. The comments at Z2k are hilarious;

    “I hate Apple products beyond belief”, sez one.

    Hope she’s happily enjoying her MS zBrick!

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  5. Since this year has 366 days in it, it smells like MS programmers don’t fully grasp the concept of a leap year. Dec 31st would normally be Jan 1st, so the Zunes woke up thinking it was 2009 and discovered they had made an error, then self destructed like Nomad (remember that one from Star Trek?).

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