Analyst: Apple supply chain checks show iPhone nano, new iPod shuffle, ‘cheaper’ MacBook coming

Wedbush Morgan analyst Craig Berger recently sent a note to clients highlighting Apple’s product pipeline for the coming year:

“We have incremental checks into the Apple supply chain. First, we see several new Apple products coming in 1H09. Our contacts see a lower-cost version of the iPhone, possibly in mid 2Q. Apparently, Qualcomm is replacing Infineon as the baseband supplier in this device. Some call this device the ‘iPhone Nano’; whatever one calls it, we believe this device is on its way,” Berger reports via Seeking Alpha.

“Also, we anticipate a new and smaller version of the iPod Shuffle, possibly in mid 1Q, with chip content largely unchanged,” Berger reports. “Finally, we see a cheaper MacBook notebook coming, although we do not believe this PC will qualify as a netbook.”

Full article here.


  1. Well, pretty much everyone is expecting a new iteration of the iPhone sometime mid-year. After first two models, Apple has clearly established a logical product refresh pace, so there would otherwise be a lot of disappointment if no new phone is out by mid-summer.

    As for a smaller shuffle, I’m not sure how much smaller can it really get; half of its current size is the USB plug anyway.

    A cheaper notebook? Only if Apple can keep their profit margins as fat as they are on current MB(A/P), or iPod lines. Otherwise, no sub- $1000 models (except the soon-to-be-discontinued white model).

  2. Is there any point in a smaller shuffle? I Would almost say the same for the iPhone, at least in terms of thickness, I actually prefer my iPhone with the thin case I have for it as it makes it that little bit more solid to hold. If they could make it thinner I’d rather they put a large battery in.

    I think we’re (almost) at a point where devices won’t get much thinner without a total change in materials such as flexible or even expandable screens. iPods and iPhones are at the point where their dimensions are restricted by the size of screen they need to have, with any luck we’ll see lots more power tucked into the same sized shells.

  3. Hmm…
    Personally, I don’t like the idea of an iPhone nano, but, couldn’t the new baseband provider just mean a new (standard) iPhone?
    It’ll be roughly around the same time as the last update, and if Apple wants to build enough, they’ll start early.
    Cheaper MacBook I can see, if only a last-gen drop of a hundred bucks, I doubt that the brand-new (in Apple terms) MacBook will get an update that early.
    Frankly, I like the shuffle where it is.
    The more space you have, the harder it is to navigate without a screen, and I think Apple hit that limit at 2GB.

  4. New product will be the “iPhone shuffle”! Tiny form factor, no screen. No need to enter a phone number — it just randomly picks one from your address book when you hit “dial”!


  5. I would guess that if Apple feel that an old style cheaper Macbook is a requirement in the market (as they presently have) they are either testing the demand for this cheap option and whether its price point will have to be met by one of the existing new models eventually, or it exists to fill this space until a new equivalent can be brought to market. Take your choice.

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