Forbes: ‘2009 Tech Outlook’

Forbes takes a look at what products and trends will take center stage in the new year with Chuck Jones, Atlantic Trust analyst, Paul Saffo, Silicon Valley Tech Forecaster, Phil McKinney, HP CTO.

In the video, Saffo talks about a device that sounds an awful lot like a “MacBook touch.”

Forbes 2009 Tech Outlook:

Direct link here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Errr… @ applecart….You want iPhone video chat? Really? With a mirror maybe? Or with iPhone version iChat AV enhancements that let the camera see you while you watch the screen, I guess. Apple can do anything so they will shortly patent a light-bending gizmo. Either that or they’ll ship a mirror with the next iChat upgrade.

  2. 84 Mac Guy is right. When I see crap commercials like LogMeOUT, I make it a point to NEVER buy from a company like that. You want to forcefeed me with junk commercials, then just right me off as a potential customer and suffer the negative word of mouth “advertising” I provide for free!

  3. I honestly don’t think I’ve heard more BS in my life . A lack of a breakthrough product will come from companies tightening their belt, not consumers. Consumers might not be willing to buy , but there can be a breakthrough product none the less , and if it’ll be anyone , it’ll be apple . They have the innovation and the warchest to keep R&D;up even during a recession .

    3d is the new BIG thing huh? Where has this guy been ?

    And no , not everyone is trying to make a tablet computer .Some have tried , all have failed , unless you count the iphone/ipod touch . If it happens it’s companies just jumping on the touch screen bandwagon. And lets face it , we’re not gonna run vista on these , especially due to requirements and we sure as hell can’t use windows mobile .

    If competition wants to come in, it will have to be linux , and linux is the underdog compared to OSX.

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