Innovation and Entrepreneurship Professor reviews RIM BlackBerry Storm: ‘Disappointing and awful’

“Last night I thought I’d get around to checking out the BlackBerry Storm that got so many rave reviews when it was announced by bloggers (like me) who’d never seen one,” Dr. Joel West, associate professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the Department of Organization and Management in the College of Business at San José State University, writes for Seeking Alpha.

“In a word, it was disappointing. The performance of the [Verizon] network (1x not 1xEV) inside the Circuit City store was sluggish [Note: RIM’s Storm lacks Wi-FI]. As reviewers have noted, it was really buggy,” West writes.

“The browser was particularly awful. It updated the screen in splotches (almost as though it were doing server-side rendering). When I rotated the device the splotches (or tiles) got out of sync and so the screen was unreadable,” West writes. “I haven’t been able to find who made the browser, but this is not the WebKit-quality browser found on the iPhone… The sales clerk rationalized the network performance — not implausibly, that there was poor radio reception inside a large 2 story building. But he said it was the worst BlackBerry he’d ever seen.”

West writes, “There’s no way this device has the user experience of the iPhone…”

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MacDailyNews Take: E, click, P, click, I, click, C, click, space, click, F, click, A, click, I, click, L, click.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H.” for the heads up.]


  1. Went into Verizon with our iPhone and had the sales guy compare with the Storm… Not only did the iPhone perform WAY better in every area (loading the same web pages, SMS, Emailing), the sales manager came over to see what we were doing as there were 3 other customers there watching- well, she asked us to leave the store as we were upsetting their customers. Ha! Upsetting customers… the store was upset they were being humiliated by the likes of the lowly iPhone. Storm- the iPhone killer? NOT

  2. It is my understanding that it does do server side rendering. RIM insists on doing everything in house – even when they don’t have the needed expertise. The browser is a tad better than the older BB’s. However, it is certainly no Safari on an iPhone. RIM needs to license and have a vendor customize Safari, Opera, or Firefox for the BB.

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