Apple’s App Store downloads pass 300 million mark

“You may have seen the Apple advertisement in the New York Times this morning (back page of the Business section) extolling the virtues of the iPhone. Nothing new there,” ” Jim Goldman reports for CNBC.

“If you made it through the fine print, you may have noticed that there are now 10,000 applications available for iPhone and the iPod Touch available on the App Store. Nothing new there, either,” Goldman reports.

“What is new, and absolutely stunning, is the small print at the bottom of today’s ad. Apple now says that iPhone users have ‘downloaded over 300 million’ applications from the App Store, from games to business programs. Why is that stunning? Consider that on the company’s conference call on October 22, Apple disclosed that the following day, Apple expected users to download their 200 millionth app. Which means, as of today, users have downloaded a staggering 100 million apps in just the past 6 weeks,” Goldman reports.

“So all that talk of a ‘bubble’ in apps demand was just that, talk! Experts expected an initial big shot in the arm, and that demand would trail off as the weeks passed by. These figures suggest that the app store is only gaining momentum, and it’s another big reason for users to choose iPhone over Research in Motion’s BlackBerry,” Goldman reports.

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  1. I don’t think “bloodbath” adequately describes how scary the predicament is. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”ohh” style=”border:0;” /> I predict the new sales will drive Apple stock down to $20 a share.

  2. Why does everyone think that the app store is for iPhones only? iPOD Touches use the iPhone. At the end of the third quarter Apple had announced 13 million iPhones. But the analysts suggested 10 million more Touches. That is 23 million devices through the end of September. Apple is sold out of Touches at several places near me. If they sell the 7 million iPhones and 8 million Touches in the 4th quarter like projected, there will be 38 million devices by December 31st. No other handheld Internet device is even close. 300 million will probably be 500 million after all of those Christmas presents are opened.

  3. We need some perspective to make this even more staggering. How many apps have been bought for Windows Mobile (and all its previous iterations, such as PocketPC or Windows CE)? How many of them for Palm (formerly the king of the hill of handheld computing)?

    Also, let’s hear predictions. When will they hit the first billion?

    My guess is, before WWDC in June.

  4. Brothers In Arms: Hour of Heroes is unreal.

    I keep thinking, “this is a phone, right?”

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> Bloodbath.

  5. @JM: Somehow it doesn’t feel right to say “iPhone and iPod Touch”. It’s too long and people get confused. Everyone knows what the iPhone is, and that’s the way it will remain.

  6. And I’m looking forward to my Apple TV buying apps too….

    The Podcasts being added last month was nice…

    but some fun/handy apps hitting my AppleTV will be so cool.

  7. Looking at all my previous email receipts from the App Store, I have been averaging $8.00 per month since July. Very reasonable considering how much fun and satisfaction I am getting out my iPhone 3G! Unfortunately, I am already getting seriously anxious as to what will I do when I fill up my 9th page of apps… I am already on my 7th as of today! <shivers>

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