Two Chinese sue Apple for patent infringement over iPod

“Two Chinese sued three companies on November 11, including US-based Apple, claiming that its iPod Series infringed upon their invention’s patent,” People’s Daily Online reports.

“The Wuhan Intermediate People’s Court opened a public court session for the case on the same day,” People’s Daily Online reports.

“Two Chinese, Cai Yaohua and Chen Shaohua who are now living in Beijing, are patent holders of a type of intelligent audio server,” People’s Daily Online reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H.” for the heads up.]


  1. The US and the WTO has been trying to get the Chinese to take intellectual property seriously for years and met with prevarication and intransigence throughout.

    But these guys file a lawsuit and the courts take action the same day.

    I’m a known Democrat/left-of-centre poster on this forum, but this is one of those rare occasions where I’d like to kick William Jefferson Clinton around the room a few times so long as his Secret Service detail were taking a doughnut break.

    Most favoured nation my ass!

  2. The linked article is too light on details, but assuming the “server” they speak of is software and not hardware, this is precisely why software patents are the scourge of true innovation, contrary to MDN’s apparent stance a few days ago about how US patent reform will hurt innovators like Apple.

    What the hell kind of basic software concept kicked around in 1996 is still worthy of protection today? That it took SIX YEARS to grant a patent for software is ridiculous–how fast does software change in six years? Hell, we’ve gone at least 4 major releases of Mac OS X!

    MCCFR: China copies from the best. Don’t blame them if they’ve learned to cherry-pick intellectual property cases that benefit them, American companies have been suing each other for years. Think of all the money wasted on IP lawyers that could better be spent on stuff like R&D;.

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