Apple releases Safari 3.2 for Mac OS X and Windows

Apple has released Safari 3.2 for Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Tiger, and Microsoft’s Windows XP and Vista.

This update is recommended for all Safari users and features protection from fraudulent phishing websites and better identification of online businesses.

Safari 3.2 is available via Software Update and also as a standalone installer.

More info and download links:
• Safari 3.2 for Leopard (39MB)
• Safari 3.2 for Tiger (25MB)
• Safari 3.2 for Windows (19MB)

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Marco” for the heads up.]


  1. With the WebKit nightly, you get 100/100 baby.

    Failed 0 tests.
    Test 00 passed, but took 272ms (less than 30fps)
    Test 01 passed, but took 139ms (less than 30fps)
    Test 07 passed, but took 86ms (less than 30fps)
    Test 08 passed, but took 147ms (less than 30fps)
    Test 26 passed, but took 34ms (less than 30fps)
    Test 33 passed, but took 45ms (less than 30fps)
    Test 46 passed, but took 62ms (less than 30fps)
    Test 49 passed, but took 41ms (less than 30fps)
    Test 67 passed, but took 34ms (less than 30fps)
    Test 69 passed, but took 186ms (less than 30fps)
    Test 72 passed, but took 43ms (less than 30fps)
    Test 75 passed, but took 63ms (less than 30fps)
    Test 77 passed, but took 79ms (less than 30fps)
    Test 79 passed, but took 65ms (less than 30fps)
    Total elapsed time: 10.02s

  2. When I logged into my eBay account I saw “eBay Inc” appeared in green next to the padlock so that must be how we spot genuine sites. It’s easy to miss but maybe something more obvious happens if a fraudulent site is detected.

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