More Apple Macs mean higher IPv6 usage in U.S. says Google

“At the RIPE meeting in Dubai two weeks ago, Google presented results from a study about how IPv6-capable ‘ordinary users’ are. And the results are surprising. While an earlier study by Arbor Networks showed only 0.0026 percent of all traffic was IPv6 enabled, Google determined that world wide, 0.238 percent of their users’ systems have IPv6 enabled and prefer to use IPv6 over IPv4 where possible,” Iljitsch van Beijnum reports for Ars Technica.

“In the case of the US, the relatively high IPv6 penetration seems to be the result of Apple’s market share being much higher there than elsewhere in the world. It turns out that no less than 52 percent of all IPv6 users have a Mac and use 6to4. Apparently, those users have an Airport Extreme Wi-Fi base station / home router, which has the 6to4 tunneling mechanism enabled. (6to4 creates IPv6 addresses from an IPv4 address and ‘tunnels’ IPv6 packets in IPv4 packets.) In fact, no less than 2.44 percent of Mac OS users are IPv6-capable, compared to 0.93 percent for Linux and 0.32 percent for Vista,” van Beijnum reports.

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  1. OK – somebody help me out here. On my home computer, a new iMac running 10.5.5, whenver I come to this site I get pop-under ads. On my Macs at work I don’t. Is there some setting somewhere I’m missing that I turned off to allow popups on this site???

  2. @mcccfr,
    IPv6 is a new IP protocol that addresses the rapidly depleting number of available IP addresses out there. It also allows for “remote crap” (my term) like Back-to-my-Mac in Leopard.

    @Wealthy Industrialite,
    Same browser at work and home? Firewall at work and not at home (hardware firewall not software)?

    In a post or two someone will suggest you try PithHelmet.

    Oops. I already did.

  3. @Cubert
    Safari 3.1 everywhere, a mix of Tiger and Leopard. On only my home computer, I get a popup almost every time I click on a link. And a really annoying video player popup with clips of reality shows. It’s killing me!!!

  4. @Wealthy Industrialite

    As far as I can tell the latest release of Safari from today seems to have cured this for me. I was getting the horrible video player popunder too… 3 of them ramped my brand new MBP up to 126% processor usage. I only noticed 15 minutes or so later when it appeared that my battery was disappearing about 5x faster than normal. Guess I should unmute the audio, but then I can’t surf MDN in class anymore…

    MDN: These ads are ANNOYING! Lets see some more civil ones at the very least. I can understand the need for ads on this site (I would do it too if I were you) but lets at least have some nice, unobtrusive ads with no audio.


  5. @ wealthy industrialite

    i used to have the same problem. until i realised that on my ibook, i had one option on, while on my imac, the option is off.

    move your mouse over to the top of the screen, click on “Safari” and click on “Block Pop-up Windows”. that does the trick. ads will still pop-up, but in a second it will be automatically closed by Safari.

    or, simply press Shift-Command-K

    glad to be of help!

  6. @Wealthy Industrialite

    I too got pop under ads even with block pop ups enabled. I contacted the site and they said each user should only get 1 per 12 hour period.
    They did also send me a link to opt out of getting those ads, although you can’t find it without writing to them.
    Hope that’s helpful.

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