FCC gives green light to white space use

“The television industry’s shift from analog to digital broadcasts will leave ‘white spaces’ — that is, unused portions of wireless spectrum — that could be allocated for a variety of new services, such as high-speed wireless Internet access. Despite television and cable broadcasters’ objections over potential interference, the FCC has given the use of white spaces a green light,” Erika Morphy reports for TechNewsWorld.

“The FCC’s order appears to take into account incumbent broadcasters’ concerns that these new devices will trample on their spectrum,” Morphy reports. “For instance, both fixed and personal/portable unlicensed devices must include a geolocation capability and provisions to access over the Internet a database of the incumbent services in addition to spectrum-sensing technology. The database will tell the white space device what spectrum may be used at that location — ensuring that no disruption of established service will occur.”

“It is difficult to identify a specific killer app that will result from the FCC’s action, Ryan Radia, an analyst with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told TechNewsWorld. ‘What is certain, though, is that we will soon see a range of consumer devices come to market, complete with Internet connectivity and geolocation capability. The proliferation of white space devices is sure to change the dynamic of America’s broadband marketplace, potentially giving consumers more options for high-speed Internet service,'” Morphy reports.

More in the full article here.


  1. As long as this doesn’t mess with my wireless mics when I shoot on location.
    There are millions of $ worth of wireless audio gear that might have to be pitched by the film/video industry… if this goes south.

  2. gives green light to white space? Are we forgetting giving red light to green space, or purple light to black space?

    Let us not leave our fellow colors out!

    Now where did I put my medication……….

  3. This is all the doing of the BLACK President-elect, isn’t it. We whites have had our white spaces to ourselves since God created them, now this upstart will take them from us, force us to share them with one and all, undeserving as they may be. Intolerable! How DARE he upset the status quo. This is just the start, I tell you. Soon it will be legal for blacks and even <shudder> WIMMIN to own and operate their own computers. Unthinkable!

    Buster … why are you popping MY pills?

  4. Nation wide wifi paid for….eeek don’t shoot me but by TAXES would probably do more for our economy giving money to the banks, which near as I can tell, continue to hold instead of lend. Who cares how interest rates go if they aren’t lending. I for one would support TAX based Nation Wide WiFi…

  5. So the devices must include a geolocation capability and provisions to access over the Internet…

    The ability to track you anywhere?

    And it will be faster, the old wireless goes away over time.

    Then he only current wireless technology is this, with no way to turn off the GPS?

  6. rahrens, thank you for pointing that out. I couldn’t figure a “tongue-in-cheek” emoticon so I had to go with the pills thing.

    I wanted to get the rabid stupidity out of the way before someone who actually believes such garbage gets one in. It had to be so over-the-top that it could not be confused with a serious comment from a sane person.
    FWIW: my wife owns and uses her own iMac. The President-elect has no significant authority to make decisions regarding the use of “white space”. And, only complete maroons believe it is right or just to treat others (non-whites, females) in a way they would consider unacceptable if applied to themselves.
    My apologies to those who took it seriously.

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