No AM/FM receiver required: Clear Channel brings top radio stations to Apple iPhone, iPod touch

Clear Channel’s iheartradio delivers your favorite radio stations to the iPhone or iPod touch for free.

Features include:
• Listen anywhere over WiFi, EDGE or 3G
• Explore new stations from across the country
• Bookmark your favorite station
• Album art and song lyrics are available for the currently playing song

System requirements:
• Apple iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPod touch
• WiFi, EDGE or 3G data connection
• iPhone OS 2.0.2 or later

Clear Channel plans to add stations weekly.

Current stations include:
• WXKS-FM (Kiss 108)/Boston
• WKSC-FM (103.5 Kiss)/Chicago
• KTRH-AM/Houston
• KIIS-FM/Los Angeles
• KFI-AM/Los Angeles
• KFAN-AM/Minneapolis
• WHTZ-FM (Z100)/New York
• WWPR-FM (Power 105.1)/New York
• KYLD-FM (Wild 949)/San Francisco
• WWDC-FM (DC101)/Washington, DC

More info and download link (via iTunes’ App Store) here.


Apple iPod Radio Remote

Apple iPod Radio Remote

Just plug in your iPod Radio Remote and select Radio from the main iPod menu. Tuning takes place right there in the color display with your Click Wheel, just as you’d set a classic analog radio. Easily mark a favorite station for quick access later, and switch between favorite stations using either the iPod or the remote. If you’re listening to a station that supports the Radio Data System (RDS) standard, you can even see song title/artist or radio station information in the iPod display. The iPod Radio Remote supports FM stations from 87.5 to 107.9MHz (in both the US and European standards) and 76 to 90MHz (the Japanese standard). You can switch between the different standards when traveling. About the Remote Control With the wired remote, you can control slideshow, video and music playback adjust volume, skip forward/back within a playlist — plus switch between radio stations and turn the radio on or off, even if your iPod is in your pocket or backpack. Clip the remote to your lapel, shirt or collar for easy access, and activate the hold switch to eliminate unwanted button presses. At just over half an ounce in weight (15.7 grams), the compact remote features a simple, familiar interface and plugs into the Dock connection on your iPod or iPod nano. The included pair of Apple Earphones has a cable that’s a few inches shorter than a standard earphone cable, making it the perfect fit. You can plug it into the 3.5mm stereo minijack port on the remote, or use another favorite set of earphones.


  1. Too bad all their stations sound the same and suck ass.
    Would prefer to have an app that gave me XM or even Sirius channels. There are cell phones that do that.

  2. Ooooo, AM/FM radio? On my iPhone?? Man, let me just rush out and get that right now!

    Oh wait, the CRAP that’s on radio is the whole reason I bought my first iPod 5 years ago…. Oops, never mind.

  3. UK radio isn’t bad. BBC’s 1-5, all the local stations, a variety of commercial stations that can be worth flicking through. American radio is by and large crap though so it makes more sense not to bother with it.

  4. Hey, I got this device that’s as small as an iPhone but has a really big speaker. It also lets you pick any radio station in town and you don’t have to have wifi available to use it. Runs on any 9 volt battery.
    I’ll sell it just this one time for only $50. What a deal!
    (Not responsible for crappy music that is available on radio stations)

  5. I’ve got WonderRadio on my iPhone. I don’t know how this app differs, except that it sounds more llimited. WonderRadio gets AM/FM from stations all over the world, as long as they webcast. With music, books and podcasts, there is admittedly little need for a radio, but there are occasions that you want to catch some sports or talk shows. WonderRadio is nice for that.

  6. 2 things about the Radio remote and the iPhone.
    1) don’t know
    b) don’t care

    I don’t even use the radio in my car. It is either the XM or the iPhone jacked into it.

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