Analyst: Apple doesn’t need Steve Jobs anymore

“Apple doesn’t need Steve Jobs, an analyst argued Monday,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld. “Early on Friday, Apple shares slid below $100 for the first time since May 2007 after a false report circulated that Apple’s 53-year-old CEO had suffered a major heart attack. The report, posted on, a ‘citizen journalist’ Web site operated by CNN, was quickly denied by Apple, but not before the share price had slid nearly 11%.”

Keizer reports, “The panic was unwarranted, said Ezra Gottheil, an analyst with Technology Business Research Inc. ‘Apple doesn’t need Jobs anymore,’ Gottheil said. ‘He’s established three sound businesses — Mac, iPod and the iPhone — and the company knows how to execute his fanatical devotion to design and usability. There’s a stable management team in place, and they know what they’re doing.'”

Keizer reports, “Investors have been nervous about Jobs’ health since last June, when he appeared gaunt at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference… They shouldn’t be so worried, said Gottheil. ‘Without Jobs, Apple would have to pay a lot more to get the world’s attention,’ he said, referring to the CEO’s knack for promoting his company’s products. ‘But he’s got a company and a brand and an organization and a strategy in place. There’s no reason to think that those things can’t be carried forward without him.'”

Keizer reports, “If Jobs stepped down, Tim Cook, currently chief operating officer, would run the company, Gottheil said. Cook ran Apple while Jobs out in 2004 after his cancer surgery. Jonathan Ive, Apple’s senior vice president for industrial design, would pick up the reins on product design.”

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  1. Apple doesn’t need Jobs anymore,’ Gottheil said. ‘He’s established three sound businesses — Mac, iPod and the iPhone — and the company knows how to execute his fanatical devotion to design and usability. There’s a stable management team in place, and they know what they’re doing.

    DUH!! That just keeps the status quo!

    Mac, iPod and iPhone, if Steve Jobs goes MIA, then that’s all we will have.

    Nothing new to keep ahead of the pack.

    By the way this 20 plus year Mac only veteran has now warmed himself to XP and Vista.

    “Bootcamp” and the Intel processors saw to that. Now I wonder how many other Macheads are doing the same thing?

    But at least I can run all three OS’s at once, unlike a PC.

    Apple is dying. It needs to innovate more. The iPhone is just a toy, not a tool, plus it’s very costly per month. The iPod is only good for music, if you have a lot and willing to work leveling the volume, making playlists and such. But it gets old and expensive really fast.

    Apple needs a new cheap indispensible tool and fast!! Something that people will buy EVEN IN A DEMOCRAT CAUSED DEPRESSION!!.


    1: Clinton revised the Community Reinvestment Act to force banks to accept sub-prime mortgages.

    2: Democrats blocked attempts by the Bush Admin to fix Frannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who “open checkbook” policy towards sub-primes caused this huge problem in the first place. Also S190, signed on by McCain was also blocked by the Dems to fix the housing crisses BEFORE IT BECAME THE PROBLEM IT IS NOW!!

    3: Democrats: Hillary received $75,000+, Obama $125,000+ and Senator Dodd (Senate Banking Committe) over $165,000 in PAC money from Freddie and Fannie. Also “Friends of Angelo” Dems received discount mortgages from Countrywide.

    4: Democrat Harry Reed tacked on addtionnal $110 Billion of your dollars OF PORK to the $700 Billion rescue package for the banks stuck with the Mortgage Backed Securites forced to take by the Clinton revision to the Community Reinvestment Act (see #1 above)

    Folks, if just one company went under, then one can blame the CEO. But look how many institutions, some in existance for over 100 years, just died.

    Only a inept government can do this. Two parties always playing partisan politics. One socialist, where the inept government controls everything, the other capitalistic, where free markets and corporations struggle to survive.

    The consumer wins with capitalism, jobs and new products, like iPhones and iPods.

    Just think how awful it is having medicore Microsoft control the PC world. That’s how the government is.

    No life, no fun. No innovation.

    Vote Republican, get jobs and cheap energy going again.

    Or vote Dems and get high energy and puny electric cars and no jobs because they will tax businesses out of business.

    You choose America. Hero or Zero.

  2. The share price is now BELOW what analysts predicted it would drop to if Steve had left Apple, yet Steve is still here. Apple would not be the same without Steve, but it will now definitely survive.

    Here’s to Steve’s good health!

  3. @Raving MacHead

    Do you REALLY believe that anyone actually read your entire post? And if so, do you think that anyone’s opinion actually changed based thereon? Mental masturbation may be pleasing for the party involved, RM, but for no one else. No one. Keep your right hand to yourself next time and let the rest of us enjoy the topic, OK?

  4. @Raving MacHead,

    A pain in the ?? searching for a ??. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> And “raving” is so correct a description. — ITS their > < V ^ fault.

    Just a thought.

  5. @Raving Machead

    I see you got the same right wing e-mail forward I got a few days ago. You know, if you don’t like any of Apple’s current products (which makes me question your sanity) and you’re “warming up” to XP and Vista, I suggest perhaps you begin to frequent this blog instead:

    Like you, it’s full of bullshit.

  6. There’s change ahead.

    The $ 122 million in stock grants to apple’s top level execs implies that Steve Jobs will step down as CEO within the next six months. He will then run the company as president of the board. The stock grants should make sure the team stays onboard.

  7. Wait, iPhone is a toy, iPod is old and expensive, but the consumer wins with new products like the… wait for it…iPhone and iPod.

    Forget the politics (in this forum), that just makes no sense. Enjoy your XP and Vista.

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