Needham analyst warns: BlackBerry-maker RIM ‘has head in the sand’

“Needham and Company contributed to a steep decline in Research in Motion’s share price [on Friday] by warning investors that the BlackBerry creator is likely going to perform below expectations in the near future. Analyst Craig Bisagna notes that while RIM is secure in its business sales, Needham sees the company’s dismissive attitude towards competitors in a financial conference call Thursday as overly optimistic and unrealistic,” Electronista reports.

“‘We continue to believe that the company has its head in the sand,’ the researcher says on behalf of Needham,” Electronista reports.

“Bisagna explains that RIM’s recent success has largely relied on the limitations of its competitors rather than any particular strength… The iPhone was only a non-threat through the absence of full-speed 3G access and a too-high pricing, according to the report. Both have since been taken care of,” Electronista reports.

More in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MacVicta” for the heads up.]


  1. I was at Carnegie Hall the other night and during intermission could see all the iPhones and Dingleberries glowing in the orchestra section (main floor). It was pretty much an even split. Yeah, I was up in one of the balconies.

    I could actually see what some of the iPhone people were doing through my binocs! Those nasty little Crackberry screens were indecipherable.

    RIM really needs to simplify their OS. Whether they’re programmers or devices are capable enough remains to be seen.

  2. Following the previous thread, All crackberry owners I don’t know are suffering the shakes. Meantime, all Crackberry manufacturing CEO’s I have heard off are probably sweating at the prospect of going to the jon incase they get caught up in the swirl!

  3. The advantage the Blackberry has is they make a device for ALL 3G networks…. It doesn’t matter if you want Sprint, Verizon, AT&T;, US Cellular, Alltel (soon to be Verizon) or T-Mobile…. RIM makes a device(s) for each….

    The whole exclusive carrier thing w/ Apple is hurting iPhone adoption… I know when my contract is up in July, I’m getting a Touch and going back to Verizon and getting a cheapo basic phone… I can’t stand having my call drop 6X on major interstates here in NJ!!! AT&T;is truly incompetent!

    And my iPhone makes my desk phone at work buzz, so I actually have to be conscious of where I place it on my desk so as not to interfere w/ my landline phone! CDMA phones use much lower transmit power & do not have this problem!

    I actually lowered the minutes in my plan as the AT&T;network is so awful here in the NYC metro area that I am actually re-substituting wireless & wireline! I no longer use my cell phone in my house due to poor voice quality & dropped calls as well as at work.. This NEVER happened to me on Verizon! I can’t wait to go back!

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