Apple’s rumored ‘Brick’ designed to smash Windows?

“Many are claiming that on October 14, 2008, along with new Macbooks and/or Macbook Pros, Apple will be releasing another product coded-named ‘brick,” David W. Martin reports for Mac|Life.

“We think the best guess so far is the one at Apple’s ‘brick’ target is Microsoft and Windows. After all, what better tool to break Windows than a ‘brick?’ We believe Macenstein may have solved the riddle. The actually ‘brick’ has nothing to do with a device – it’s about changes in Apple products that will make them irresistible,” Martin reports. “What’s that you say? For most of us that’s already true, but what about the rest of the world?”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: “We will be delivering state-of-the-art new products that I cannot discuss today that our competitors will not be able to match.” – Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer, July 21, 2008


  1. Maybe it has something to do with apple’s recent acquisition of PA semiconductor. Maybe PA semiconductor has technology that intel and therefore others can not replicate which is being rolled into new apple products…..

  2. I read a rumor about how Apple is close to being able to use a GPU as a CPU, which would would give the overall system an unprecidented speed boost. Could that be the new technology?

  3. since january 2007 we haven’t seen a new revolutionary product by apple. which is understandable to me. seems you can’t bring out a world changing product every year or so. thus i am afraid that we have to wait still some time now before apple will do it again (how about the ultimate home cinema center: an apple designed tv with build in appletv functionality and surround sound out of the box). until then i am afraid it is evolutionary times and the famous quote from oppenheimer is all about more bang for the buck aka nand-storage as standard, 32gb iphone, thinner notbooks, led-screens, better price points etc. the “new products” are the new ipods / macbooks, not a new category. i hope i’m wrong of course.

  4. The MacBook should start at $999.99, and no lower. That is plenty cheap enough for a laptop. Any cheaper and they’ll have to start releasing shoddy POS’s with 1-or-2-year-old crappy processors like every other PC manufacturer does with their sub-$1000 laptops.

    Since the current low end MacBook is only $1,099 they only ned a price drop of $100. Even at the end of its product cycle the MacBook still compares favourably in terms of processor to many PC laptops in the same price range.

    Rather than lower their prices and compromise their quality and integrity, I’d rather Apple simply start shipping a lot more RAM in their laptops and focus on making Snow Leopard make very good use of it. This is a huge handicap with WIndows right now, the fact that most users are not on 64-bit Windows and are not ready to be. They are limited to 4GB of RAM. Apple is not, and they need to capitalize on that. RAM is one of the cheapest components now. Most people don’t really care about hard drive size on a laptop; unless they are storing video even 160GB is plenty for most people, and even if they are then external hard drives are cheap and plentiful.

    RAM is the biggest way Apple lags right now with the MacBook line, a $1099 laptop with 1GB of RAM is unacceptable. Most consumers don’t need a discrete graphics card, especially on a mac where there’s limited selection of games.

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