Apple rejects Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac (it duplicates iWork functionality)

“It’s under NDA but evidently Apple rejected Microsoft Office for the Mac because it competes with Apple’s iWork. Also, Firefox was rejected because it could confuse users about which to browser to use,” Inner Daemon writes.

“Other candidates on the reject list include NetNewsWire, RealPlayer, and Lightroom,” Inner Daemon writes.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Cupertino, we have a problem.

MacDailyNews Note: For any Windows-only users who may have stumbled here via Google News or via some other conduit: Inner Daemon is making a satirical statement on Apple’s recent App Store for iPhone and iPod touch app rejections based on “duplicating iTunes functionality.” Apple is not “rejecting Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac.” If anything, Apple goes out of their way to promote Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac. For example: Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac. Starting at just $149.95 with free shipping from Apple Store. By the way, Get a Mac.


  1. Jimbo,

    You’ve either got an extra chromosome or this one just whooshed right over your head.

    It’s making a sharp point and is excellent, concise commentary that clearly points out the inconsistency in Apple’s position App Store rejections.

    Please think before you post next time.

  2. Begging to differ. Went over my head?!?! Missing chromosome? Really, what part of right field did that come from. I know exactly what the original poster is talking about. My statement is that it’s just not even funny.

    Apple is determining what will and will not come out of their store. As I’ve stated many times before, if you don’t like it – tough. It’s their store and they make the rules. They are fully within their rights to change the rules at any time.

    The App store is still in its infancy. Apple has decided they can’t give everyone full reign of the store, so they are limiting it to what is best in their opinion. Again, they are fully within their rights.

    Maybe they will let these apps through later. Who knows. If you don’t like it, go buy a Blackberry or a Google phone. But don’t act like I don’t know what’s going on.

  3. @I beg to differ:

    I am disinclined to acquiesce to your statement. The desktop version of iWork is like any suite application. You can pretty much do anything you want in it. However, for the iPhone, you can only view it. You can’t do a cut and paste. You can’t edit. Pretty much, the only thing you can do with it is to look at it.

    While MDN’s take is succint and to the point. It is a bit misleading. It fails to mention the platform utilized, given the circumstances.

  4. I’m with Jimbo. What are the actual parameters of rejection here? Not sold in store? I’m not a software developer, so I don’t know if/how Apple could “reject” a developer from making software. This seems bogus.

    Still, if true, iWork is not a sufficient substitute for Excel or Word yet. So, lame.

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