Does Apple’s new 2nd-gen iPod touch makes iPhone irrelevant?

“Have you had a chance to touch the new iPod touch? It’s a beautiful gadget–slim, shiny, with the comfy, curvy feel in your hand like it just belongs there. When you’re holding the iPod touch, it’s impossible to be jealous of fellow subway denizens clutching Nintendo DSes, Sony PsPs, or for that matter, iPhone 3Gs. Because even though it’s not a smartphone, the touch is a portable entertainment and communications device par excellence. It does the Web. It does email. It does IM,” Leslie Ayers writes for Mac|Life.

Ayers lists five reasons the iPod touch blows the iPhone 3G out of the water:
1. Cost
2. Form factor
3. Sound: built-in speaker and volume buttons now standard
4. Apps mostly the same as iPhone (except GPS)
5. Battery life

Full article here.

Let’s not get too carried away: until Wi-Fi becomes ubiquitous and unless iPod touch grows GPS, it has no chance of making iPhone irrelevant for most people.


  1. I will disagree with MDN take this time. While the iPod touch relies on WiFi alone for internet/email and no GPS, it costs $229 vs $2000+/2 years for an iPhone. Hope you like the GPS!

  2. Meh. I have a 1st gen iPod touch and although some of the arguments make sense, it’ can hardly be “better” than an iPhone 3G when it’s features are actually a *subset* of the iPhone 3G. This guy/gal needs to take a logic class.

    Also, he/she completely lost me with the dig in the very first point about paying for updates on the touch. This is just juvenile and has no real basis. It shows that the person writing the article is both unclear on the various concepts involved and willing to exagerrate wildly about things.

  3. The iPhone is great, but it comes at a price. Its wireless data plan may be competitively priced (or not), but it is still expensive for “most people.” The touch feels so much thinner when you hold it, compared to the iPhone (which is by no means “thick”). And a lot people can’t use AT&T;as their wireless service provider, but they would still like to experience using a true hand-held computer of the future.

  4. I disagree mr_matalino, I’ve been paying £35 a month for the last 5 years so the cost of the upgrade was £100, so the iphone cost me £100. The £630 it cost me over 18 months (in the UK) would have been spent anyway, unless I decided I didn’t want a phone anymore.

  5. Also worth noting, since AT&T;and Apple changed their revenue deal on V2, now corp discounts apply to V2.

    As somebody who is able to get a corp discount thru my employer (not at&t;) my iPhone 3G monthly plan ends up being $5 less than my v1 plan for the same mins/etc.

    What I want to know is will the vol + & – ever make it into the iPhone3G… that would be nice ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


  6. @ trollfu

    I travel to both coasts frequently (especially SFO and NYC) and have never not simply turned on my iPod touch anywhere and not been able to find at least half-dozen open WiFi connections to use. I don’t even think about not finding one anymore. Or did I misunderstand you?

  7. if i hear one more person say that the iPhone costs $2000, i’m going to shit myself.

    if you don’t need a cell phone, get a iPod touch. if you do need a cell phone (i don’t have a home line and i am starting a business on the side so i don’t have to work for “the man” any more), then the concept of a separate cell phone and iPod touch is really a dumb idea.

    the data plan for the iPhone is equal or less than plans for other phones like the Blackberry.

    so STOP with the how much the iPhone costs.. its a cell phone, and they ALL have recurring costs… ass.

  8. The transformation of the iPod Touch into a Gaming/Entertainment Device was the smarter move from Apple, the Touch wasn’t getting its own space because the iPhone is taking all the spotlight, but now that Apple is positioning against DS and PSP it really has the change to become a cash cow. Nintendo and Sony are selling billions in dollars only with the DS and PSP. The iPod Touch if keep getting the same level of marketing could give them a fight and if Apple pours some money into mobile game developers to guarantee more exciting games, this could only help the Touch.

  9. The Camera.

    That’s the make or break proposition for me.

    I love that they added the external speakers and the volume button but the camera makes the biggest difference for me. I can’t carry my SLR every where and the whole of the touch/iphone is that I don’t have to carry a pda and an ipod so I can save space. Getting rid of the small camera I have to carry around completes the device.

    It’s a phone/ipod/revolutionary internet device and a camera.

    Thought I do wish it was a better camera.

    I was waiting until the end of the summer for them to come out with the new touch and if it had a camera I wouldn’t have hestitated to replace my old touch with it but the camera was absent and so I went out and bought an iPHone.

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