Steve Jobs needs a wardrobe intervention!

“Steve Jobs has been in wardrobe meltdown for years and has finally arrived at the need for a wardrobe intervention. Are you listening Apple PR people? The head of your company has a clothes problem and somebody at Apple needs to get a hold of Jobs’ wife and get her to intervene,” Jim Lynch writes for ExtremeTech.

“So what’s wrong with Jobs’ clothes? Well the press has been focusing on Jobs’ health for a while now and Steve’s choice in wardrobe has played right into their hands. He insists on wearing what appears to be the same black turtleneck and jeans that he’s worn at previous shows. Unfortunately Jobs has lost weight so these clothes look really baggy on his leaner frame,” Lynch writes.

“Why is this important? Because it feeds the internet rumor mill that he’s sick again and that Apple might need a new CEO at some point in the near future. So Jobs is at a crossroads here, he basically has two choices: Eat more and fatten up so his current clothes fit him better [or] Buy smaller size clothes so they don’t appear as baggy on him.”

MacDailyNews Note: Due to his medical condition, it’s highly probable that Jobs can’t just “eat more and fatten up,” Jim. Sheesh.

Full article here.

Thanks for reading us, Jim. You can appropriate ideas any time, but please, in the future, at least give credit where credit is due lest we tag you as Microsoftian (and, Jim, we suspect that this isn’t the first time it’s happened, either):

“Steve: We know you hate wasting time on clothes; hence the uniform, but, seriously, dump the old ill-fitting jeans and black mock turtlenecks and get new jeans and black mock turtlenecks that fit your newfound svelteness. Problem solved.” – MacDailyNews Take, September 09, 2008, 3:45 PM EDT

“He’s skinnier, but he’s still wearing his old clothes and that makes him look emaciated. This all about visual appearance. We understand the ‘uniform’ concept, Steve. You don’t have to waste time on mundanities like thinking about what you’re going to wear, if you always wear the same thing (clean, of course; you have several sets, we assume), but go get some new, smaller jeans and black mock turtlenecks that fit, Steve. The world will suddenly think that you’re healthy as a horse – and those who would manipulate stock prices or fish for Website hits with nothing but photos and video clips will immediately find themselves without ammunition.” – MacDailyNews Take, September 09, 2008, 11:47 PM EDT

“Image is everything.” – Andre Agassi v.1.0


  1. as soon as he changed his clothes to more fitting clothers…. then people will start writing that he is getting smaller clothes to make him look healthier so people dont think he’s dying, then bloomberg will probably post another obituary, thus our stocks will drop once again, the obit will get pulled, month later, we are right back where we are. just my 2 cents on what would probably happen.

  2. I think, it’s rather Bill, with his poorly “rich bourgeois” look, that could take some inspiration here!
    Be simple… even if you’re bill-ionnaire! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Come on MDN, don’t you think that others can also come up with a completely useless topic on their own? Would love to see what the author, or MDN authors wear. Let us pick you apart.

  4. Dear Fashion Police,

    Looks like we’re back in high school.

    Please stop this nonsense. Steve is an adult, and a billionnaire. He can do what he wants.

    Besides, Apple probably will sell fewer Macs if Steve dresses like Barack Obama or Sarah Palin.

    A Mac User

  5. Actually, it makes sense why he wears them. I had been thinking the same thing recently until it dawned on me that the black turtleneck is the perfect outfit for him because it basically makes his body fade to the background and you subconsciously focus on the floating head and hands.

  6. don’t know how do you get paid writing this crap. And just wanna ask you something….. do you wear clothes to satisfy others? I wear those what’s comfortable and makes me fell good. Alas…. I guess you are just as fake as your writings. so, please stop and get a life

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