E-consultancy reviews Apple’s iTunes Genius: ‘One of the most welcome additions to iTunes’

“The latest update of iTunes (version 8) contains a new feature called Genius, which creates playlists from your library of music, as well as recommending songs for you to download,” Graham Charlton reports for E-consultancy.

“All in all, [Genius is] a good discovery tool, which will work better the more songs you have in your iTunes library,” Charlton reports.

“Genius is one of the most welcome additions to iTunes; it manages to add value to the service by working as a discovery tool, and the easy link with the iTunes Store will no doubt have people spending more than they would have done before,” Charlton reports.

Full review here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. There’s just one more thing I can think of that they need: You should be able to create a list in the store (by selecting a search, essentials mix, or iMix) and then hit a play (or sample) button that plays the 30 second sample of each song in the list. It would be the perfect way to ‘browse’ multiple songs of an album, or multiple songs in an iMix or essentials list, without having to separately select each one.

    This would allow the most efficient browsing of music, and would be good for Apple, as well – it would greatly increase impulse buying, and probably album or whole-list purchases as well.

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