Chrome comes to Apple’s Mac – sort of

CrossOver Chromium is a Mac and Linux port of the open source Chromium web browser. CrossOver Chromium is available for download from CodeWeavers, free of charge.

Google Chrome is built with open source code from Chromium.

Google has announced plans to support native Mac and Linux versions of Chromium, but they have yet to be released. CrossOver Chromium, however, runs the Windows version of Chromium natively on both Mac and Linux.

CrossOver Chromium is a technology proof-of-concept to demonstrate Wine’s capabilities for rapidly migrating Windows software to new marketplaces, such as Linux and Mac.

CrossOver Chromium is available as a native Mac .dmg file, or as Linux packages. Mac users can simply drag the .dmg file into their Applications folder. Linux users should use the appropriate tools for their respective Linux distributions to unpack the installer package.

More info and download links here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Perpetual Beta” for the heads up.]


  1. Using it right now, it’s certainly an interesting experience. Sure as heck hope the (eventual) OS X native version doesn’t have this ugly Windoze look, though.

    As a proof-of-concept, though, it sure seems like a winner to me – great work CodeWeavers!

  2. Wow.

    Chrome sucks itself off a trailer hitch.

    It really is the worst browser I’ve used since MOSAIC in 1994(?)

    Congrats Google.

    Camino or OmniWeb not to mention Safari blow this away.

    How exactly?

    “They have more shiny buttons and options” doesn’t cut it.

    Do you have any problems with the implementation of Google’s STATED GOALS for the browser?

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