Apple to celebrate retail store grand opening in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on September 20

Apple will be celebrating the Grand Opening of their latest retail store, Apple Store Park City in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on Saturday, September 20th at 10am.

To celebrate the Grand Openings, Apple is featuring a week of exciting events. In the stores, Apple will have a variety of unique and educational presentations, demonstrations and workshops — all free of charge. The first 1,000 people to visit the Apple Stores receive a free Apple Store T-shirt.

Apple Store Park City
142 Park City Center
Lancaster, PA 17601

The Apple Store is the best place to learn about the latest products from Apple including the new fourth generation iPod nano, the thinnest iPod ever featuring a sleek new design with a curved aluminum and glass enclosure available in nine vibrant colors, and the incredible new second generation iPod touch, which is perfect for enjoying music, movies and games. The hands-on Apple Retail Store experience gives customers a chance to test-drive Apple’s entire product line including the MacBook Air, the world’s thinnest notebook, and the revolutionary iPhone 3G.

Every Apple Retail Store offers personal training through Apple’s popular One to One program with in-depth sessions on a wide range of topics, from getting started with a Mac or iPod to advancing your moviemaking or digital photography skills. Visitors to Apple Retail Stores can also take advantage of free services from the most knowledgeable people around, including face-to- face support and creative help at the Genius Bar, plus workshops and special programs for kids.

Additional info for Apple Store Park City here.


  1. How about that horse buggy integration kit for iPods? Of course, no colours for the iPod nano, only two choices: light black or deep black.
    Not an easy region for Apple. Since the Amish are not allowed to use high tech, the church elders only allow Windows on DELL hardware. They figure, it’s so backwards, it’s compatible with their rules.

  2. Apple is just trying to torture me now.
    Princeton. You know, that little patch technically located in New Jersey that is populated with rich people who would not hesitate to spend money on beautifully made working technical products? Unfortunately, I am not one of them, but I do spend an inordinate portion of my salary on Apple products.

  3. @hagar57

    More so than Technology, the Amish shun new world business practices. So Dell and Windows with their monopolistic takeovers are probably NOT what they’re looking for in the towns of Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse.

  4. I live here in Lancaster, and work at a BIG office that does a lot of advertising. We have lots artists who all use Macs and lots are die hard Mac heads. The mall gets lots of traffic so this will be a good place to supply us, and make inroads to new users.
    BTW Amish sometimes now use electricity, but not on the grid- they are big buyers of solar panels so they can be self sufficient.

  5. Lancaster is no longer the quaint, tourist attraction it once was. The area has become a hotbed for those hoping to escape the high cost of living of surrounding major metropolitan areas. As such, the demand for retail stores has skyrocketed to the point that an Apple Store will certainly get a lot of traffic – not only from Lancaster, but also Harrisburg (the oft-forgotten state capital).

    Although it will be about 30 minutes away, this will be a huge improvement over having to drive to King of Prussia or down into MD. Can’t wait!

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