Apple posts ‘Let’s Rock’ special event video

Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs reveal what’s new in music during Apple’s “Let’s Rock” special event that took place earlier today.

Jobs covers many items, including:
• iTunes 8 (with 65 million accounts)
• NBC Universal’s returns to the iTunes Store
• App Store downloads hits milestone: 100 million in first 60 days worldwide
• New 4th-generation iPod nano
• New 2nd-generation iPod touch

See the video right here.


  1. What are you people talking about? Steve looks fine. He did his usual excellent presentation. The audience was invited media types, not the over-excitable MacWorld Keynote crowd, so blame the crowd if the show seems “slower” and less energetic.

    I wonder why the black iPod nano wasn’t shown on his Keynote slide; there were only eight colors on it. The new nano is the best music playing iPod, I think. The screen may be the same as before, but having all that space vertically (when holding it normally) looks very nice and useful. I guess we’ll have to give Zune credit for doing that bit before iPod; now its 2.6% market share will shrink even further.

    Good idea to go to one iPod classic model, as hard drive -based iPods are phased out of the lineup. I didn’t know Toshiba made a thin 120GB drive; why isn’t it used in the MacBook Air…?

  2. Aside that he’s continuing that skinny frail thing, I found that he sounded more geeky or nerdy. His voice sounded more higher pitched & squeaky. I even had to turn up the bass & completely turn down the treble to kinda make him sound like his old self.

    His image & voice has changed a lot with 8 years.

  3. Don’t you guys know?

    The Steve Jobs of the past few years is a cloned!!! The original died a few years ago.

    Bet you thats how far Apple is ahead of everyone ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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