New book hits shelves: ‘Mac Migration: The Small-Business Guide To Switching To The Mac’

Bestselling author Jason R. Rich has announced the publication of his latest book, Mac Migration: The Small Business Guide to Switching to the Mac (350-pages, US$17.95, Entrepreneur Press). This book is now available from bookstores everywhere.

Capitalizing on the incredible popularity of Apple iMac and MacBook desktop and notebook computers, and Apple’s multi-million TV advertising campaign that promotes the superiority of Mac-based computers versus rival PCs, this new book explains how current PC users can easily migrate to a Mac-based computer, transfer their data, and stay fully compatible with their office network.

Written primarily for business people and entrepreneurs, this new book is easy-to-understand and walks non-technologically savvy people through the process of buying a Mac, setting it up, installing software, and transferring data from their tired, old Windows PC.

The book also covers how to sync a new Mac with an iPhone, Blackberry or other wireless PDA/cellular phone, plus offers information about the most popular business-oriented applications currently available for the Mac. Readers will also learn how to slum it with Windows and run Windows-based applications when necessary.

“Having spent almost 15 years using PCs, about three years ago I switched to the Mac and have never looked back. The Mac OS X Leopard operating system is powerful, easy-to-use, stable and far more intuitive than Windows Vista,” stated author Jason R. Rich. “My new book will introduce people to all of the reasons why a Mac is superior to a PC. It explains why so many people are making the switch from a PC to a Mac for their home and business computing needs.”

Anyone who is frustrated with their current PC, Windows Vista or who is even remotely contemplating a switch to the Mac, should definitely read this comprehensive new book.

Jason R. Rich is the bestselling author of more than 39 books covering a wide range of topics, including computers, ecommerce, personal finance, career-related topics, travel and entertainment. He also contributes regularly to major daily newspapers, including the New York Daily News, as well as national magazines and popular websites.

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  1. Or, to expand on Gunboat Smith’s idea, everyone who is a Machead and works in a Win-centric IT environment, get this one for your boss’s birthday (or for Christmas/holidays). It may be done as a gag, but he’ll undoubtedly read it sooner or later.

    This is the perfect (and least expensive) way of planting the bug.

  2. OMG…

    @HMCIV, you’re joking but go to the Amazon page and look through the table of contents. It’s pretty much like that.

    – Ordering your new Mac
    – Unpacking your new Mac
    – Using the Setup assistant to set up your new Mac

    It is quite possibly the dumbest Mac book yet. It’s just Macs for Dummies with a different title.

    There is no discussion of how to actually migrate a Windows based small enterprise to Macintosh and the hurdles people will face, it’s all stuff like “Make sure the mouse is plugged in.”

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