Apple’s huge ‘Let’s Rock’ banner shows 4G iPod nano?

iPhone Savior is offering a “first look at the ‘Let’s Rock’ banner for Apple’s big iPod event on Tuesday, September 9th at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.”

“The center is just down the street from the famed Moscone Center where the MacWorld conference is traditionally held,” iPhone Savior explains.

Full article, with more and larger images, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Seth J.” for the heads up.]


  1. It’s only a day away… let’s stop the speculation for 24hrs. and i like the new form factor, easier to hold, i listen to more music than watch videos. fatboy nano was “cute” but holy sh*t i dropped it so many damn times and so did alot of people i know.

  2. What if we see iPod Touch nano?
    hmm, nah… the touch is just barely enough to see. But wait… touch screen with a limited touch screen function. Excited about tomorrow like everyone do.
    “GIMMIE the iPhone 2 update pls!! Tired of restore every other days”

  3. It’s gonna be the all new iRaq, Apple have bought the entire country and are going to make it a centre of excellence for Apple – if you need technical support, visit iRaq.

  4. cb… you got it.
    And it couldn’t be anything else on the poster. That’s a big slip-up from Apple. Who gets fired for that one?

    The 3G nano has always felt awkward to hold. I WANTED to like it, but never liked the form factor. The iPod mini/nano 1-2G felt “right” in the hand. The iPod looks huge, because the guy is really, really little.

  5. It’s a rather generic silhouette (that I believe Apple has used before) and it’s a rather large foot print (in the hand) for a Nano. That is unless the silhouette of the dancing dude is a dude who has very small hands and the silhouette itself is totally out of perspective. Apple also as never done anything to give away clues to a product launch before an event (all the things Apples Marketing team has always avoided doing in the silhouette iPod ads and in doing these special event announcements).
    I’ll stick with it’s just a generic iPod silhouette and not some per clue to an iPod Nano announcement.

  6. I was in a Argos Extra Store, In the UK, and there are signs saying ‘New Refurbished iPods in store’. I went in, but there was no new iPods.

    Maybe the sign was put up a few days earlier? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”ohh” style=”border:0;” />

  7. You wouldn’t know it from the banner, but “Let’s Rock” actually refers to a new iPod accessory that oscillates rocking chairs in sync with the rhythm of the music being played. Once again, Apple leads with innovation.

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