Photo of unreleased 4th generation iPod nano leaked?  (with photo)

Business to business website has posted for sale a “Screen Protector for iPod Nano 4th Gen” along with this photo which shows a device that has what looks to be a stardard iPod Dock Connector at the bottom. Is this the next-gen iPod nano to be introduced during Apple’s September 9th special event?

Alibaba’s “Screen Protector for iPod Nano 4th Gen” page is here.

Digg founder Kevin Rose posted a similar photo (different angle) on August 25. More info here.

[Attribution: ZolloTech. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Feldman” for the heads up.]


  1. sorry john, I am going to disagree here. I call good on this one. Especially since there is a doc connector. Some of the other photos showed different. Plus it is pretty detailed at the base, most mock-ups aren’t.

  2. @/ln

    “iPods are getting boring”

    Uh, so, uh, smart guy . . . what would you have them do? Mow your lawn? Pleasure your wife? Write your next resumé?

    Quick Story: Every time a friend’s father heard one of his kids say that he was “bored” or that something was “boring,” he’d smack him upside the head with a quick “Here. This’ll give you something brand new to think about.” Seems relevant here.

  3. I agree Jamie,

    the iPod touch is still interesting. It would have to have audio and 64Gb to take my money though.

    If the Ipod nano was all touch screen with wifi but sans blue tooth, but with motion sensors and full browser I’d see it as an advance. If it’s this picture though, I’d see it as a regression… unless there is something we’re not seeing… a drastic price reduction maybe?

    Perhaps the 64Gb touch with audio is coming, along with something to bridge the iPodTouch-MacBook gap….. based on the new processor technology apple acquired recently….. now that would keep my interest until new Mac hardware is released along with Snow Leopard….

    now i’m all excited… darn it…

  4. I also call fake. It’s bigger than the current Nano, and Apple wouldn’t make you turn your screen sideways without having some way to turn the control buttons at the same time.

    I see the Nano replacement getting rid of the scroll wheel altogether and putting the controls on screen with multi-touch. It won’t necessarily be a fully iPhone/iPod touch compatible OS, more like the existing nano but with a bigger screen that takes up the entire face and adds the iPod navigation of the iPod touch.

  5. Hey Randian, I think you’ve had one smack on the head too many!

    Other people can have an opinion you know. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and they usually stink.

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