Apple to launch trio of retail stores in Switzerland

“Even as construction work is nearly finished at Geneva’s (Switzerland) first Apple store, the country’s second store in Zurich is nearly finished, at the Glattzentrum shopping mall northeast of downtown,” ifoAppleStore reports.

“Photos show a black construction barricade in front of the space, while inside the stone floor is installed. Other construction appears to be half-finished, although the Genius Bar is recognizable,” ifoAppleStore reports.

“Apple will open a third Switzerland store in downtown Zurich on Bahnhofstrasse, possibly by the end of 2008,” ifoAppleStore reports.

Full article, with photos, here.


  1. with a population of 343.000 zürich is the biggest city in switzerland (don’t laugh). apple wants to adress that huge market while bypassing the german capital berlin (population 3.5 million) in the process. what is going on here?

    mdn word “years” as in: i will have to wait even more years before my apple-store finally arrives

  2. Ralph,

    Maybe the German gov’t is trying to gouge Apple; taxes and such.

    Perhaps Switzerland is being a bit more pragmatic than Germany. Apple won’t build a store unless it makes good economic sense for them to do so.

    Besides, since I live in Bavaria, Zurich is only a few hours for me. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. there is a new shopping center being build at alexanderplatz (one of berlins city centers – yes we have a few). would have been perfect fit for a huge apple-store. but no, lets open some stores in switzerland first!

    @nutcracker. what other taxes than others have? gravis is doing good business and mediamarkt and saturn (the best buys of germany) are all carrying apple shop in shops. the zürich-store is good for you but ignoring germany for years is a strange strategic decision for apple’s retail growth to me.

  4. to ralph (Berlin)

    Zurich addresses actually 1 million people (not just downtown) which are daily commuting. Now, just consider how much money people have and spend in Zurich and the fact that every second laptop is a Mac, with your argument about the population in Berlin. Get it now?

    PS I love Berlin…

  5. …and don’t forget, Apple used to have/has the second largest market share in Switzerland (after the USA). Don’t know the current numbers, it may still be the case. So, the much larger population of Germany may not mean that much. I guess Apple noticed that, too… Wooooohoooo, go Switzerland!

    And to all the German friends: just get your Mac when visiting Switzerland with some change; the VAT is only 7.6% there.

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