Apple iTunes Store to finally land The Beatles in 2009?

“The cover of the October, 2008 issue of Mojo Magazine, now on newsstands, features an interview with Paul McCartney, and next to his picture it says, ‘My White Album Plus! The Beatles Remastered.’ The article reveals that Mojo was invited to a playback of ten White Album tracks, and their verdict is ‘Better even than we’d hoped,'” What Goes On reports.

“The Mojo article also says that all the Beatles albums, including Yellow Submarine, Magical Mystery Tour and the Past Masters albums, have been remastered, but not The Hollywood Bowl. Two albums, Rubber Soul and Revolver, will be available in three mixes, mono, original stereo and the 1987 stereo rebalances. No 5.1 mixes are planned for any of the albums,” What Goes On reports.

“According to Mojo, the expected release date for remastered Beatles albums is, off the record, sometime in 2009, and that Apple would rather get it right than try to cash in on Christmas sales,” What Goes On reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Agreed, way too little way too late. Maybe they can sell us another boxed set of re-re-remastered Star Wars movies too.

    The Beatles (as a group) have been gone almost as long as the Studebaker.

    The Stude-who? You get the idea.

  2. I and any Beatles fans already have the Beatles in iTunes and on our devices.

    Why does the press keep trotting this out near any Apple event?
    Who really cares about this?

  3. @nekogami13:

    The availability of Beatles music at the iTunes Store will help to introduce the Beatles to a new generation to music lovers, many of whom do not own any Beatles CD’s and may know very little about the Beatles’ music. Seeing “Across the Universe” does not qualify as a proper introduction to one of the most gifted musical groups of all time.

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