“Apple has been developing interface technology that would allow for a multi-touch handheld with full Mac OS X rather than a streamlined interface, the company has revealed through a US patent filing published today. Showing an example device which is clearly portable, the patent for a gesture system would adapt many of the basic control scheme elements familiar to Mac OS X to an environment where touch input is assumed but which is larger than an iPhone or iPod touch-class device,” MacNN reports.

“Apple notes that the publication continues a patent that was originally applied for in 2004 but expands significantly on that information. The new filing was submitted much more recently, in April 2008, and follows an application for a for multi-touch creative app patent revealed in July,” MacNN reports.

More in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Robbie” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: On July 22, 2008, we reported an unconfirmed rumor from a source — the same one who tipped us to wireless iTunes Store sales direct to iPod, iPhone a week before Apple debuted it — who told us in staccato fashion: Think MacBook screen, possibly a bit smaller, in glass with iPhone-like, but fuller-featured Multi-Touch. Gesture library. Full Mac OS X. This is why they bought P.A. Semi. Possibly with Immersion’s haptic tech. Slot-loading SuperDrive. Accelerometer. GPS. Pretty expensive to produce initially, but sold at “low” price that will reduce margins. Apple wants to move these babies. And move they will. This is some sick shit. App Store-compatible, able to run Mac apps, too. By October at the latest.