Orange denies paying people to line up for Apple iPhone launch in Poland

“Newswires have been buzzing with reports that Apple’s 3G iPhones might not be selling as briskly in Poland as they are in the U.S., noting that the company’s telecom partner in the country, Orange, has hired people to stand outside stores and create phony lines. A juicy story, except for one thing: Orange says it isn’t true,” Beth Snyder Bulik reports for AdAge.

“An Orange official wrote in an e-mail response to queries from Ad Age today that this was not the case, and included a statement ‘in response to the rumors in the Polish press,'” Snyder Bulik reports. “‘As part of the excitement around the launch of the iPhone, some of our team have been joining customers outside our shops. Their aim is to welcome people to the Orange shop, share in their excitement and give information about Orange tariffs,’ wrote a spokeswoman from parent France Telecom Group, which owns the Orange brand.”

Snyder Bulik reports, “She added that while the company does not disclose figures, ‘sales are strong and we are happy.'”

Full article here.

[Attribution: MacBlogz. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Aviv” for the heads up.]

You mean that everything we read from The Associated Press (and everywhere else) might not contain total (or sometimes even a kernel of) truth? Say it isn’t so!


  1. When this story broke on Aug 21, I posted the following comment on this site –

    “Reuters have something of a track record for making up stories, they’ve also done it with Apple stories before now.

    It will be interesting to see if this story holds up to scrutiny.”

  2. Apple stores in the US sent their employees out to work the lines as well, mainly to tell people what they needed to have in order to actually get their hands on a 3G, to pick up trash and to suppress potential riots over the 7 hour plus waits that people endured on day one. (Don’t get worked up. I waited 7 hours and have no regrets.)

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