It’s here. The new BlackBerry Bold.  Twice the price.  Half the device.

“Rogers today became the first carrier in North America to ship the BlackBerry Bold, RIM’s first smartphone to ship with 3G for GSM-based phone networks,” Electronista reports.

The device features “480×320 LCD as well as GPS, Wi-Fi, 1GB of permanent, lockable onboard storage and a two-megapixel camera,” Electronista reports.

“Rogers prices the phone at $400 when paired with a combined voice and BlackBerry data plan worth at least $45 per month. The price is roughly twice that of the $199 8GB iPhone,” Electronista reports.

“AT&T is rumored to have similar pricing for its own launch, which is expected weeks later,” Electronista reports.

Full article here.

Smackdown: RIM’s BlackBerry Bold vs. Apple’s iPhone Web Browser

[Attribution: Mobile Computing Mag via Gizmodo. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “RadDoc” for the heads up.]

Apple iPhone carriers Rogers and AT&T will have quite the sales pitch: “It’s here. The new BlackBerry Bold. Twice the price. Half the device.

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