Apple promises MagSafe power adapter replacements

Apple has posted a support article that concerns MagSafe power adapters:

You may notice a separation of the white insulation on the magnetic end of the MagSafe adapter. Under continued use, the cable may discolor and the rubber molding may become deformed. Products affected: MacBook (13-inch Late 2006), MacBook (13-inch), MacBook Pro (15-inch Glossy), MacBook Pro (17-inch)

Whether your product is in or out-of-warranty, you can take your adapter (you don’t need to take the computer) to an Apple-Authorized Service Provider or Apple Retail Store for evaluation, and replacement if necessary. You may be eligible for a replacement adapter free of charge provided there are no signs of abuse. Make a reservation at the Genius Bar before visiting your local Apple Retail Store. To make a reservation, go to

Apple’s support article is here.

[Attribution: MacNN. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I had mine replaced for free twice by apple store geniuses. The second time, (about 2 months ago,) I asked if problems with the adapter were common – I was told that problems were not common and that it was probably caused by me wrapping the cord to tightly…

  2. THey should actually replace them because the connection to the power brick itself doesn’t connect well either.

    Due to continued wrapping and unwrapping it from the brackets, causes the insulation to unravel and expose the wiring. Bad design there Mr. Ivy. Horrible attention to detail…. not to mention a huuuge fire hazard!

    I’ve already had to replace two of them. My third one on it’s way to being a safety hazard as well.

  3. After having an AL PowerBook (five years now) and a MB, I had lived with two square-brick adapters. Wrapping/unwrapping of the cable is my daily routine. I am having a hard time trying to imagine how abusive one would have to be with the wrapping/unwrapping of that cable in order to force the insulation to expose the wiring. Common sense would have you make a small loop at the end where cable meets the brick, then wrap tightly around the brackets.

    I suppose some users are slightly deficient in the dept. of common sense and are pulling that cable tightly towards the bracket. Obviously, this qualifies as abuse and would normally not be replaced under warranty. However, knowing Apple, you might get it done by a Genius with some luck.

  4. I had a MagSafe plug quit working when one of the spring-equipped pins lost its spring, and another when the power brick died. Two free replacements at the Apple Store in 3 years of daily use. The MagSafe has spared at least three laptop spills off of a table when I tripped over the cord. I love it!

  5. In Apple effort to get rid of PVC & latex in the power cords this bound to happen till they work out a rubber plastic (HDPE) formula that meets Apple standards and is as tuff as the old PVC & Latex formula.

    Everyone whom has eliminated PVC &/or Latex from their power cords is having the same types of issues. The only difference is Apple is taking care the customers.

  6. @ Cubert

    My dog did the same thing. Luckily for both I guess it was the low voltage side of the transformer. I worked out how to repair the connections but it is tricky.

    I wish that the low voltage cable was connected with adaptor similar to the high voltage side. I’ve gone through 3 power bricks with my PB. On one occasion Apple Genius replaced it which was really cool.

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