FMTouch brings FileMaker Pro to Apple iPhone, iPod Touch

FMWebschool has announced the availability of FMTouch which enables you to deploy FileMaker Pro on your iPhone or your iPod touch. FMTouch runs locally on your iPhone and does not require internet connection. FMTouch is available in the Business section of Apple’s App Store.

If you use FileMaker Pro and you have an Apple iPhone or iPod touch you can transfer that fully relational database to your iPhone or iPod. Yes you can run FileMaker locally on your iPhone.

FMTouch supports multiple databases: have your contacts database, your inventory database, all with you on your iPhone. You can access your data anywhere and never have to worry about internet connections. You can have all of your FileMaker data running locally on your iPhone. If you add, edit or delete records from your FMTouch database, you can easily sync to your main FileMaker database on your local or served file with our secure sync plug-in. FMTouch works with both Macintosh and Windows.

FMTouch is like having FileMaker in your pocket. FMTouch includes a design interface and offers features only available on the iPhone or iPod touch. Simply tapping a phone number in a field and it automatically dials the phone, or tapping an email address and you are instantly presented with your email application.

FMTouch supports multiple related tables, layouts, portals and value lists. You can add records, edit records, delete records, delete found sets, sort records, edit portal rows, search, find all records and even use FileMaker generated runtimes.

FMTouch requires FileMaker 8 or FileMaker 9. FileMaker Advanced is needed to generate a one-time report to transfer the layout objects and table data to the iPhone. If you don’t have FileMaker Advanced, don’t worry: FMWebschool provides an automated way to upload your database files and generate the DDR for you.

More info here.

FMTouch retails for US$69.99 via Apple’s App Store here.


  1. Well… as opposed to the “I’m Rich” application, this one seems worth the hefty price–for those who need it at least ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Ouch on the price. Here’s to hoping Filemaker releases their own iPhone client for free. I’m not saying this program should be free, because I’m sure they put a lot of work into it, but this really should be something that Filemaker put out themselves to extend the value of their product.

    $99 is too expensive IMHO though, considering how much the full Filemaker Pro license is only $299.99. It’s too bad too, since this price will deter the more casual or non-profit FM Pro user from getting it. $19.99 to $29.99 seems more reasonable to me.

  3. This is an example of why the iPhone will take over mobile communications in business like a military coup in a 3rd world country.

    Former President Blackberry, meet your replacement, President iPhone.

  4. As a FileMaker guy this looks very interesting, but yeah, the price is going to put it out of most people’s interest given the limited utility of the thing.

    One could argue that the author could probably make more money by lowering the price and making it attractive to non-professionals, but then the market for such a thing is clearly those same professionals (like me) that will likely get their companies to pay for it. It’s hard to say what the better avenue would be.

    On the other, other hand, … any professional set-up where FileMaker Pro is used would use FileMaker server, which already has the built-in ability to serve any FM solution on the web. So the preferred solution would be to simply have an iPhone web layout instead of actually transferring entire databases to multiple iPhones in the wild. It’s worth noting the security implications of using this product in a professional situation.

    FileMaker themselves will no doubt come out with an iPhone client, but I would expect it to be built on the Bento product and again aimed at consumers, not professionals.

    The more I think about it, this product should be aimed at the same market (non-professionals) and so it should be both a bit “dressier” (a la Bento), and much cheaper. As a 20 dollar app it would be “OK” but could also be gussied up a bit for the price.

  5. Now if they could use the iPhone camera to read bar codes and automatically enter data into a FileMaker database, now THAT would be cool!

    I have a project which would justify the cost of the iPhone and the software in a heartbeat.

  6. They’ve paid attention to the comments about the cost and the requirement for the Advanced version of Filemaker. Cost is now $69 (a $30 iTunes credit if you bought at $99) and they’ll create the required “definition” file for free.

    How’s that for responsive?

  7. This is a COOOOOL product! This compels me to buy an iPhone. $69 is a fair price. FileMaker used to sell their lame Mobile version for $69 and this does SOO much more.

    Anyone with FileMaker data will probably buy this. It allows you to use your Mac or Windows computer as your complex database development machine, and then run it on your iPhone. So now, any FileMaker developer becomes an overnight iPhone developer with their custom stuff.

    Once I show this stuff to my boss at work, they may start buying us iPhones for work! (Instead of lame call-only phones.)

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