Apple iPhone launches new Internet age

“A quarter of a century ago, Apple sparked a personal computing revolution with the Macintosh 128K,” Marie Boran reports for

“In the intervening years, the internet as we know it has been firmly shackled to the personal computer, mildly interrupted by mobile operators with their walled-garden approach to getting connected,” Boran reports.

“It is 2008 and the latest iPhone 3G has unleashed the full promise of the mobile internet, breaking our chains to the desktop and smashing through the walled-gardens of prescribed internet,” Boran reports.

Boran reports, “Mobile web is now a real and viable opportunity. We are witnessing the birth of a new internet age.”

“‘It’s about having a touchscreen and having ultra-responsivity. When you see the touch interaction working on an iPhone you realise it is a generation ahead of all these other devices,’ says Conor O’Neill, CEO of technology consultancy firm Argolon and editor of,” Boran reports.

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  1. Some of my coworkers got the new Dare because they don’t like ATT.

    I can accept that. ATT isn’t that great here in the boondocks.

    But listening to them talk about how cool the touch interface is and good enough and close enough to an iPhone is driving me crazy.

    They just don’t get it.

  2. Cramer made an idiot of himself last night pumping nothing but the RIMM Blackberry Bold, saying it was the new babe magnet instead of the iPhone. He also kinda forgot about the App Store. He said sell AAPL and buy RIMM based upon the Bold. This guy truly does not do his homework…I live to see him eat his words…he is clueless…he was also wrong on the market share for both Apple and Rimm. He couldn’t shut up about RIMM for some reason based upon current vaporware…must have pocketed some under the table promotion change. He also called the guy who can’t quit writing about Steve Jobs health his buddy. That says it all…what a dork!
    It’s a shame people listen to this guy.

  3. People listen to Cramer? Where? In the Home for the Hearing Impaired?

    Please, I have Mac using clients who are hearing impaired. They don’t listen to that gas bag Cramer either.

  4. You guys can bitch and moan about Flash all you want to. It’s still all over the place, you can’t do dick without it except view news sites, blogs and forums.

    The iClone that comes up with full Flash will have a tremendous advantage over its predecessors.

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