Users drool over Apple iPhone, but ask for more

“Enthusiastic new iPhone owners are starting to sound like the cast of long-running stage musical: ‘I Love you, You’re Perfect, Now Change,'” Sinead Carew reports for Reuters.

“Only days after snapping up the latest iPhone, they still glow over their purchase — but already are brainstorming ideas Steve Jobs could use for Apple Inc’s next iPhone,” Carew reports.

“In comparison to last year’s model, the latest iPhone’s snappier Web speeds, better sound quality, location-aware navigation, and third-party application store left new owners with no doubts that waiting in line for hours was worth it,” Carew reports. “But even the happiest among them offered tips for improvements for the iPhone — at heart a powerful computer and communications device.”

“A common one was about the inability to copy and paste text on the iPhone,” Carew reports.

More iPhone wishes in the full article here.


  1. Here’s our SHORT LIST of what’s missing from the iPhone. Our LONG LIST has over 50 items on it:

    1. Copy-and-paste.
    2. Notes need to sync — to SOMETHING on our Mac!!
    3. The ability to view and sync to-do’s from iCal. Where are our to-do’s?!
    4. Multiple signatures in Mail, instead of one shared signature for all email accounts.
    5. The ability to choose the colors for your calendars, like in iCal.
    6. The ability to send & receive MMS text messages directly in the SMS program.
    7. The ability to sync directly (via USB) between 3rd-party apps on your Mac and 3rd-party apps on your iPhone, such as Pocket Quicken (or Yojimbo + Missing Sync) works with the Treo. A direct sync instead of a sync over-the-air.
    8. The ability to turn your phone to the side and get the larger on-screen keyboard in ANY application.
    9. The ability for all email accounts to share a single inbox.
    10. The ability to turn on MobileMe over-the-air syncing for calendars & contacts without it automatically adding the email account for you. We still use as our email address, and we don’t want 2 active email accounts on our iPhone receiving the same email messages. But we want to use MobileMe over-the-air syncing for calendars & contacts.

  2. Good list MacBill! Although I think I disagree with the MMS portion. It’s old and antiquated. Considering most new phones have email now, I think its about time we leave MMS behind and move on to something better. Oh and you forgot one.

    11. The ability for the phone to walk my dog, take my kids to school, and make my breakfast every morning. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

    Then I’d be in bliss!!

  3. Die hard PC enthusiasts are now buying last years iphone! They are so pleased with it but because of their mental conditioning, they are saying that they will only buy the 3G after one year when “all the bugs have been eliminated” M$ mentality from years of coping with shit.

    And of course they will moan about battery, inability to muck about with the software and why cant it run Wincrap?

    Moan! moan! moan! anybody who wants Wincrap features on their iphone should just send it back or resell it & buy Ball silly’s soon to be dinosaur.

  4. We’ll see landscape keyboard in the near future…the calculator is the beta tester for this.
    Notice when you do the calculator that the keys change size, so it is not quite as easy as some may think. Landscape keyboard would have room for a few more buttons, but then people would scream that it disappeared in regular mode. People will also scream if there are no major features in future upgrades, so Apple is keeping a few on the backburner…also to make the ultra-mobile device transition slower in order not to cannabalize laptop sales. The iPhone with a few more upgrades is pretty much going to be a computer. Apple needs both mobile and ultra-mobile devices. Adding tablets in the middle will only confuse each line…just ain’t gonna happen sooner…maybe later.

  5. OK that hs to be the dumbest story in history… If you don’t want the freaking phone don’t buy it.. I really like captain obvious’ line….
    “It’s obviously not going to be fiber-optic fast,” he said. “If I have my laptop that would be my first choice.”

    Well of course for web browsing the laptop would be a first choice the point is that when you are away from your laptop you actually can browse the web..

    Bunch of tools interviewed for that story.

  6. thank God for all the “lists” that are being provided cuz I can’t for one second imagine that the inventor of the iPhone would have thought of any of these on their own.

    We are a want it/need it now kinda spoiled ain’t we!?

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