Apple’s MobileMe and iWeb continue to have major issues

“A week after .Mac became MobileMe, and a day after the MobileMe team simultaneously apologized and declared the transition complete, iWeb users continue to fight insurgent errors in publishing. Users may find they are repeatedly prompted for their MobileMe name and password, that ‘damaged’ pages halt the process, or that there was simply a “.Mac” publishing error. If the publication process does succeed, published pages may not actually be published, or elements like slideshows and comments may be broken,” Charles Jade reports for Ars Technica.

“Unfortunately, there does not [yet] appear to be a fix,” Jade reports.

“Despite Apple being aware of problems with MobileMe, users should not hesitate to complain bitterly about every single ill experience via e-mail. Beyond that, there are a couple of steps iWeb users can take, the first being to make sure the recent update, version 1.1 of MobileMe, has been installed. Some iWeb users report success with ‘Publish All to .Mac,’ which republishes your entire website. Personally, I don’t recommend this, especially if you have a site with hundreds of megabytes of data. I ultimately prevailed by attempting to publish over and over until it finally worked,” Jade reports.

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  1. kenw1:

    You know, what i mean: just can’t get things to work right, total f*ck up, major malfunction, poor preparation, piss poor performance, major embarrassment, constant back pedaling, lack of leadership, laughing stock – that stuff just like Microsoft.

  2. Why is t always a Apple vs MS thing. Nothing is perfect, let it be.

    They will get it going, give it a bit more time. Remember this whole thing is running on the new SproutCore web tech and as such there is bound to be a few bumps.

    Remember OS X was not built in a day.

  3. What, no scathing, biting come back from MDN? None of the usual heavy sarcasm from the Mac Defence Network, because someone dares to write an article that is suggesting Apple is less than perfect?

    Cat got your tongue?

  4. I’ll still take Mobile Me and the 3G iPhone over ANY MS Mobile products anyday, even if all the bugs are not worked out. One thing I did find out is that if you have more than one eMail on your .Mac or Mobile Me only the primary account is push…the other eMail only accounts are Fetch only and cannot be pushed.

  5. I began using iWeb to build a site a month before MobilMe, but switched to Sandvox instead. (Also tried RapidWeaver and Coda.)

    No problems publishing to MobilMe with Sandvox. Everything seems to be functioning fine.

    All this, and the software developer, Karelia, is now working on a MobilMe update for Sandvox to make it even more sympatico.

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