Greenwave Software announces TalkBubbles 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch

Greenwave Software has announced TalkBubbles 1.0, their fun-to-use photo sharing utility for iPhone and iPod touch. TalkBubbles can add comic-like speech and thought bubbles to a picture from either the image library or photos taken with the iPhone’s camera. Easily manipulate, position, and change the bubbles with the iPhone’s touch interface. Images can be saved back to the devices library to share with friends.

Starting with a picture taken with the iPhone or by selecting one from the photo library, users can add dialog bubbles by double-tapping the screen. The style and placement of the bubbles can easily be changed with a touch, pinch, or drag.

Minimum Requirements:
• iPhone OS 2.0 running on either an iPhone or iPod touch

A single user license for TalkBubbles is US$4.99. TalkBubbles will be available when the Apple App Store launches.

More info about TalkBubbles for iPhone and iPod touch here.


  1. Not that I’m not interested but if MDN is going to announce in this column every iPhone software coming out, be braced for a lot of articles in the next few days…

    Wonder if we’ll still be able to see, mixed in the pack, the few MACdailynews…?

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